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Late entries, amendments and withdrawals

Find out what happens if you need to enter candidates after the entry deadline, or withdraw a candidate. 

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If you miss the entry deadline, you can still make entries by EDI or Edexcel Online, but you will be charged late fees.

We reserve the right to refuse late entries, or to charge additional fees to cover costs incurred by accepting them. For some subjects, we won't accept late entries if it's too late to allocate an examiner or send assessment material.

For more information about our late fees, see the fees page

You can withdraw entries up to 14 days before results are published. Although you cannot normally withdraw a candidate after they have sat an exam or test, you may be able to do so under exceptional circumstances. Please contact us, providing the reasons for requesting withdrawal with signed candidate consent. These requests will be managed on a case by case basis.

Please note that we do not refund entry fees if the candidate is withdrawn on or after the 'high late fee' date.

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