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Available for in-centre and home use, our onscreen mocks are built to support flexibility in delivering assessments and accessibility. Building on our experience of delivering onscreen assessments across the world, we've worked extensively to ensure that the paper-based and onscreen mock examination experiences are as similar as possible.

We offer onscreen mocks for GCSE (9-1) English Language, English Literature and Maths, as well as International GCSE English Language, English Literature and Maths onscreen assessment.

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Our new sandbox environment allows teachers to get hands on experience of the online exam environment, by testing one of our English mock papers.

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You can also watch the onscreen test video:

To help with your planning and scheduling for mocks, onscreen assessments will be available from the start to the end date of each Mocks Service series.

Take a look at our mocks booking windows to see the dates

When you’ve submitted your students' entries for their onscreen mocks, we will be in touch about the following:

  • Technology requirements: to confirm your school meets the standard requirements for onscreen delivery. In the meantime you can check the minimum requirements on the PDF below. 
    Technology requirements (PDF, 0.1 MB)

Watch our videos to show the features of the onscreen assessment platform and for taking onscreen English assessments.

Student responses 

You can see your students' responses by going to individual entries for the mock exam on the Mocks Service booking platform. Select the Review option from the three dots menu on the right-hand side of their booking. 


Your students' results will be automatically added to ResultsPlus within 14 days of their onscreen mocks being submitted, we'll let you know when they are available. We have created guidance to support you in analysing your students' performance in their mocks using ResultsPlus. 

Questions about onscreen mocks? 

Please contact the Customer Services team for Qualifications using our Contact Us form. Please refer to the Mocks Service in your communication.

We have worked extensively to keep the onscreen mock examination experience as close as possible to that of the paper-based assessment, but there are some questions where the experience may be different between learners who take the examination onscreen and those who do so on paper.

Whilst the skills required may be different between the two modes of delivery, the knowledge and understanding of the concepts required to successfully complete these questions will remain the same.

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