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Mocks Service

How to use the Mocks Service

Here you'll find guidance to support you, from placing an order, uploading your student details, receiving your results via ResultsPlus and accessing our post-mocks support. 

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We also provide additional guidance in our Mocks Service FAQs.

Mock papers will be updated with the latest available version throughout the year, and please note that paper availability will be reduced to English and Maths during the high-stake exam period. 

View our 2023/24 mock exams

You can use our step-by-step Mock Entry Guidance to walk you through the process. Also, for extra help, take a look at ‘Making and amending entries’ in our Mocks Service FAQs

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It’s straightforward to get our systems up and running in centres for candidates to take our Mock onscreen assessments. Please see the technical requirements for onscreen mocks delivery along with other useful information on our Mocks Service onscreen assessment web pages.

Onscreen assessments

Scripts should be returned to us, clearly labelled at the address below:

FAO Pearson Mocks Service 
Fretwell Road 
Hellaby Industrial Estate 
South Yorkshire 
S66 8HN

Download our Guidance for the Paper-based Mocks Service.


ResultsPlus is Pearson’s results data analysis tool where we'll upload your students' results from the Mocks Service mock exams.

ResultsPlus provides detailed analysis of your learner’s performance and allows you to:

  • identify potential topics, skills and types of question where students may need to develop their learning further.
  • see actual scores for each exam question for a student, class or group.
  • understand how your students’ performance compares with class and Edexcel national averages.
  • acquire data that may support effective learning and teaching approaches.

How to use ResultsPlus?

We have created guidance videos to support you in analysing your students' performance in mock exams through ResultsPlus.

Learn more about using ResultsPlus to analyse your students results with the Mocks Service.

Getting started with ResultsPlus

Take a look at our step-by-step guide if you're using ResultsPlus for the first time with the Mocks Service.

Download your Getting started with ResultsPlus guide.

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Pearson’s Access to Scripts is included in the Mocks Service. This means you can view the actual exam scripts* from the paper-based Mocks Service for greater visibility and a deeper understanding of individual students’ exam performance. 

You can view students' scripts for both onscreen and paper-based mocks via the Mocks Service booking platform.

Find out more about Onscreen assessments.

*These will be PDFs of your students' actual exam scripts, they will not include examiners commentaries.

We've brought all our post-mocks support and resources together in one easy-to-access PDF by subject.   

To access all your post-mocks support from one place, visit our webpage and download the iPDF in your subject by qualification type.

Post-mocks support

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