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Unit 6 - FAQs - 2016 BTEC National in Engineering (RQF)

Unit 6 - BTEC Nationals in Engineering - Frequently Asked Questions: Matrix Technology Solutions – March 2018 Pearson does not endorse any one proprietary product (hardware or software) over any other...

09 March 2018

Unit 3 External assessment

Hi,   Can anyone give me some feedback on how they found the Unit 3 external assessment please   Thanks

22 February 2018

Information on Unit 6: Micro-controller - Externally set task

Firstly, Unit 6: Microcontroller Systems for Engineers, external assessment task will be released on the 23 April 2018. Learners will have 12 hours in 5 consecutive days in a two week window set by Pearson...

12 February 2018
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