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Jon Wolton, Geography, Leisure, Travel and Tourism subject advisor
Jon WoltonGeography, Travel and Tourism
UK: 020 7010 2185
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Re: ooking for schools in your area to collaborate with on Edexcel A level Geography

I'm in South Yorkshire if anyone would like to share 2018+ resources and ideas - particularly about the new fieldwork style/approach!

11 May 2016

2018+ Fieldwork

Hi all Having started the new Edexcel A GCSE with our Y9's we are aiming to conduct one of the 2 field studies in September. Is there any further guidance or ideas of how to approach this? Shall we set...

11 May 2016

Re: Looking for schools in your area to collaborate with on Edexcel GCSE Geography B?

Hello  we are at a school in Rochdale and would like to link up with other schools!    Could we we set something up online?    Anyway understand the new grading?    Thanks...

11 May 2016
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