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Find out how to claim and approve roles in myBTEC.

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  1. Select ‘Roles’ then click on the ‘Claim a role’ button.
  2. On the 'claim roles' screen select the subject you want to include and the most senior role you perform in that subject.
  3. myBTEC will now ask your BTEC Quality Nominee (QN) or the Lead IV in each subject to approve your role.
  4. After your QN or LIV has agreed your access you must log in again and you will have your permissions in myBTEC.
  5. If you need to increase your permissions in any subject select ‘Roles’ then select the role you would like to upgrade then select ‘edit’ at the top of the table. You can now edit the role and save the changes for the QN or LIV to approve.


If you are a BTEC Quality Nominee or Lead Internal Verifier, you play an important role in myBTEC.

Every time someone in your centre claims a role, myBTEC will send you an email prompt and a task in your task list asking you to approve the role. Until you approve the role, they will not have access to all the features in myBTEC. Our customers said that this control of access to assessment functions and learner data was important to them.

  1. Select 'Roles'. Then, on the 'Manage Roles' tab, you will see the pending role claim(s) in a table.
  2. Click the switch to 'approve' / 'decline'.
  3. Click ‘Confirm roles’ at the bottom.
  4. Your colleague will then be notified that they have / don’t have the access they have requested.

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