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Welcome to Pearson Progress, our new accessible and easy-to-use digital platform that has been designed to help teachers get closer to their learners by simplifying the planning and assessment of Pearson BTEC qualifications. 

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Progress gives educators the confidence to deliver a flexible learning experience whether in the classroom, in remote or hybrid education settings. It includes features that are personalised to Pearson BTEC to help reduce administration time around assessment delivery and facilitate Quality Assurance, to allow coherent communication between team members and learners.

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Progress empowers you to make data-driven decisions that improve learner outcomes. It captures valuable learner insights and allows you to plan courses, automatically processes grades when you mark assessments online. You can also track the completion status of learners from any location, to gain clear, real-time insights into each learner’s specific requirements over time.

Your learners will benefit from the clarity Progress provides on what is expected from them in terms of assessment criteria. They can submit their work or assignments on any mobile device, at any time, and receive automated reminders of submission dates so they never miss an assignment deadline.

Progress is seamlessly integrated with Pearson Single sign on, to ensure your transition to the platform and access to online course content is straightforward and easy!


Benefits for educators:

  • Enables centres to seamlessly navigate our BTEC delivery cycle.
  • Reduces administration time around assessment delivery – enabling more time for teaching.
  • Provide a seamless digital experience for classroom, hybrid or remote learning.
  • Offers an integrated user experience for the whole qualification journey.
  • Connect centres and Pearson to facilitate Quality Assurance, communication, and real time decision making.
  • Make learning more engaging and dynamic – access the platform anywhere.
  • Integrated with other Pearson platforms. 

Benefits for learners:

  • Clarifies what is expected in terms of assessment criteria
  • Reminders and notification of submission dates or extensions
  • Upload evidence from any location
  • Track personal progress and view teacher feedback.

Key features

  • Saves time - pre-populated information, check boxes, readymade templates.
  • Reduces workload - automated digital workflow and direct access ISV sampling.
  • Student interaction - automated notifications, feedback and dashboard.
  • Tracks progress - complete visibility of courses, assessments and marking.
  • Resources - digital and downloadable teaching and learning material.
  • Flexibility - supports classroom, blended and remote delivery


We are excited that Pearson Progress, already in use Internationally, is coming to our UK qualifications very soon.

Watch this space for more information.

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