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We have created guidance to support you in analysing your students' performance in mock exams through ResultsPlus.

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Our guidance videos were created using GCSE (9-1) Maths results as an example, but you can follow the process for any subject.

The processes are applicable either for Pearson Edexcel mocks administered by your school or college or provided by our Mocks Service. However, if you are using our Pearson Edexcel Mocks Service you don't need to follow the process in video 1a and video 3 as your students' mocks data will be uploaded into ResultsPlus for you.

if you're using ResultsPlus for the first time with the Mocks Service, you may also like to take a look at our step-by-step guides. 

Download your Getting started with ResultsPlus guide.

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1. Setting up groups 

How to set up groups in ResultsPlus to analyse your results by group/class using the Pearson Edxcel Mocks Service.

Download your Setting up groups in ResultsPlus guide.

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1a. Setting up groups

How to set up groups in ResultsPlus for mocks administered by schools and colleges.

2. Find your mock exam paper

Find your mock papers in ResultsPlus.                                       

3. Inputting mocks results data

Inputting mocks results data in ResultsPlus for mocks administered by schools and colleges.

4. How to obtain question analysis 

How to obtain question analysis for the whole cohort or individual groups in ResultsPlus.

5. Sharing reports for individual students

Sharing reports for individual students to inform intervention sessions using ResultsPlus.

6. Setting targets

Setting targets for your students using ResultsPlus.



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