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Application information

If you took your vocational qualification before 2007 or academic qualification before 1996 the time required to provide you with your replacement document may be longer. This is because the results for these qualifications are on microfiche (a flat piece of film containing microphotographs) or on historic systems which are no longer in use and this makes the search for your results much more complex and time consuming.

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Processing times

During busy periods priority service may take slightly longer than 5 days. Your application will still be prioritised above other applications. If you wish to cancel a priority service, you need to advise before the certificate is ordered/in process.

We aim to dispatch the documents in the following timeframes:

  • standard applications – 20 working days
  • priority applications – 5 working days
  • customised letters – 30 working days.

Types of document we issue

The official document you'll receive will depend on the qualification you completed and when. The three official documents we provide are:

A Certifying Statement of Results (CSoR) is printed on certificate paper and includes the hologram that proves the document’s authenticity. It may not look exactly the same or be printed on the same certificate paper as your original certificate but it will show similar information, including all of the subjects you took and the grades you achieved.

If an employer, university or other education institution has concerns about the document, you can reassure them that the CSoR is an official document to replace the original which has been issued by Pearson.

We'll provide a CSoR if you apply for any of the following qualification types:

  • Advanced GNVQ and AVCE (Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education)
  • ASET qualifications
  • CSE, CEE and Joint CSE/CEE
  • Edexcel Awards
  • Edexcel Digital Applications qualifications (AiDA, CiDA, CiDA+ and DiDA)
  • EDI and LCCI qualifications completed before 2007
  • GCE AS and A level
  • GCSE, Edexcel Certificates and International GCSE
  • International Advanced Level
  • Functional Skills
  • GCE O level
  • JEB qualifications

A Replacement Certificate is an official document that replaces your original certificate. A Notification of Performance / Certificate of Unit Credit provides the details of units completed within a vocational qualification.

These documents are printed on certificate paper and include the hologram that proves the document’s authenticity. They may not be printed on the same certificate paper as your original certificate, but will show similar information, including all of your subjects and the grades you achieved (where applicable).

We'll provide a Replacement Certificate and/or a Notification of Performance / Certificate of Unit Credit if you apply for any of the following qualification types (completed after 1984):

  • Adult Literacy and Adult Numeracy (ALAN)
  • BTEC Level 2 First Award, Certificate, Extended Certificate and Diploma
  • BTEC Level 3 National Certificate, Subsidiary Diploma, 90-credit Diploma, Diploma and Extended Diploma
  • BTEC Level 4/5 Higher National Certificate (HNC)
  • BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma (HND)
  • BTEC Specialist, Professional and Short Course (including BTEC Security and IHCD)
  • Edexcel NVQ
  • Edexcel GNVQ
  • EDI and LCCI qualifications completed in 2007 or later
  • ESOL
  • Key Skills and Core Skills
  • Ordinary National Certificate and Diploma (ONC and OND)

We'll provide a Letter of Confirmation if you apply for any vocational qualifications for which we hold results and were completed before 1984.

A Letter of Confirmation is an official document produced when we can't provide a Replacement Certificate or Certifying Statement of Results.

It’s printed on certificate paper and includes the hologram that proves the document’s authenticity. It won't be printed on the same certificate paper as your original certificate but it’ll confirm that you completed your course and provide details of the units you completed and any grades, where appropriate.

You can also view our terms and conditions , section 4, which confirms the type of document issued for the different qualifications. 

Number of copies per application

For each application you make you are entitled to one copy of your official document. If you require another copy to be sent to a University or any other third party organisation then please provide an additional delivery address and we will also send a copy there free of charge.

Alternatively, you can request two copies of your official document to be sent to two different organisations.

For ALAN, CSE, DiDA, ESOL, Functional Skills, GCE, GCSE, IAL, Key Skills and PTE, we will send all results we hold on one single application. You need to state all required sessions on your application.

For Advanced GNVQ & AVCE, BTEC, EDI, LCCI, GNVQ, NVQ and Ordinary National Certificate & Diploma, we will only send one subject/qualification per application.


Most of the cost of providing our services goes into locating your results. In addition, the documents we produce are official, much like a driving licence or passport, which there is also a cost for producing.

We cannot provide confirmation on whether or not we hold your results before you’ve made an application.

We need the information requested in our online form in order to do a thorough search of our records and, even if we do not hold your results, there is a cost associated with the administration and the time spent searching for your records on our systems.


We only give a partial refund of £20 (plus courier fees where applicable) if we do not hold your results. The refund is made to the card used to make payment (if the refund is made within six months). Debit/credit card details are deleted from the payment module after six months, so any refunds made after this time may take longer to process and we may use an alternative method.

The priority fee for fast-tracking an application is non-refundable.

No refund is possible if the results are not suitable (in format or content) for your purposes.

We do not issue refunds or partial refunds if applications take longer than the estimated time frames


If you decide that you no longer want us to process your application, please contact us as soon as possible. Once we’ve begun processing your application, we'll only issue a partial refund of £20 (plus any courier fees) if you decide you no longer require the service.

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