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BTEC International Level 3

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BTEC International Level 3 offers learners aged 16 and above the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to prepare for a career, continue in further education, or progress to higher education.

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The demand for workforce skills is increasing and the need for global certification in technical and vocational areas is growing. BTEC qualifications are uniquely placed to respond to these skills gaps by providing practical skills assessment and up-to-date career-focussed education in traditional and emerging sectors.

Why BTEC International Level 3?

  • Available in a range of sectors for learners who wish to explore a work-related qualification or specific industry area 
  • Offers learners industry knowledge, transferable skills and behaviours to prepare them for a career or to continue education
  • Flexible and modular course structure to fit in with existing curriculum requirements
  • Recognised by many universities and Higher Education Institutes worldwide, as an entry qualification to relevant first year degree and Higher National programmes
  • ENIC-benchmarked to show comparability against the UK and European qualification frameworks (England’s RQF and European EQF). Find more information on ENIC benchmark (PDF, 403 KB)
  • Delivered in schools and colleges in 50 countries
  • Available in 5 sizes:
BTEC sizes Equivalent International A level sizes
Certificate (180 GLH*) International Advanced Subsidiary
Subsidiary Diploma (360 GLH)
International A level
Foundation Diploma (540 GLH)
International A level + International Advanced Subsidiary
Diploma (720 GLH) 2 International A levels
Extended Diploma (1080 GLH)
3 International A levels



By Pearson BTEC and Liverpool FC. This suite of learning programmes includes 5 qualification pathways and 7 Specialist Awards short courses and blended learning resources.

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This qualification, enables gaming and tech-savy learners to develop their knowledge of the business of esports and to gain transferable skills that can be applied to other careers and sectors. 

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Robotics Operations

Designed to provide learners with a focused and specialist introduction to industrial automation and concepts in engineering robotics. 

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Equip your learners with skills and knowledge around key marketing principles, endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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We have developed digital resources to support your delivery of our suite of BTEC International Level 3 qualifications and cover the mandatory and some of the more popular optional units. 

Our Study Texts have been thoroughly developed and feature international examples, scenarios and references to make them relevant across a broad range of geographical territories and support learning and teaching delivery.

Business Study Text

Business and Enterprise Study Text

Engineering Study Text

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Study Text

Hospitality Study Text

Information Technology Study Text

Travel and Tourism Study Text

Thinking about introducing BTEC to your curriculum or offering more BTEC courses in your centre for your learners?

Explore our Level 3 subjects below, and discover our full qualification suite with our A-Z finder. Find out how to become an approved centre and learn more about the BTEC delivery cycle.

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Our Pearson BTEC International qualifications have been developed to fulfil the specific skillsets required by industry. Learn more about our current partnerships to see how we work closely with each partner to develop propositions that work for both industry and the learner.

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Universities have indicated that they will consider one or more of the BTEC International Level 3 qualifications as an entry qualification to relevant courses. Students should be aware that university admission criteria are always subject to change, and should understand the course entry requirements for both subject and grade before applying.

This list is continually being updated as we receive acceptances from universities.

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