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Find out how to request an official document to replace your original certificate for your qualification, make a name change on your certificate, or get official confirmation of your results or qualification sent to a third party such as a university, employer or agency.

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Please note: Due to high demand for our certficate services since June 2020, some applications for replacement documents are taking longer to process than normal. We are working extremely hard to complete the applications as soon as we can and we appreciate your patience during this time.

If you have completed an application, you can use the Track my application link below to see where your application is up to. You can also contact the Student Services helpdesk for an update (select Contact us from the main headings at the top of this page), but please be aware that they cannot provide any further information than what is available via the tracking website.

Track my application

If your qualification was taken with Pearson, we can provide the following services: 

Replacement documents

An official document to replace your original certificate because it’s been lost or misplaced.


Request a replacement document

Amendment to original

An official document to replace your original certificate with a change or amendment made to your name, including requests following gender reassignment.

Request an amended document

Documents for third parties 

Your official documents outlining the qualification or results you have achieved can be shared with a third party or, if you are a third party, we can share the documents with you directly with a learner’s permission. 

Request a document for a third party

Customised letters for vocational qualifications

A personalised statement for vocational qualifications to describe your achievements, the level and size of your qualification and compare it to past or current vocational qualifications.

Request a customised letter

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