Certificate services

Find out how to request an official document to replace your original certificate for your qualification, make a name change on your certificate, or get official confirmation of your results or qualification sent to a third party such as a university, employer or agency.

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If your qualification was taken with Pearson, we can provide the following services: 

Replacement documents

An official document to replace your original certificate because it’s been lost or misplaced.


Request a replacement document

Documents for third parties 

Your official documents outlining the qualification or results you have achieved can be shared with a third party or, if you are a third party, we can share the documents with you directly with a learner’s permission. 

Request a document for a third party

Amendment to original

An official document to replace your original certificate with a change or amendment made to your name, including requests following gender reassignment.

Request an amended document

Customised letters for vocational qualifications

A personalised statement for vocational qualifications to describe your achievements, the level and size of your qualification and compare it to past or current vocational qualifications.

Request a customised letter

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