myBTEC is a workflow tool that has been designed to help you carry out your BTEC assessment process right from the very start of each course. It has been built to work alongside your current ePortfolio or MIS systems.

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Why should I use myBTEC?

  • Helps with the admin burden of BTEC.
  • Gives you complete visibility of all courses, assessment, internal verification and results at your centre.
  • Specially designed for your BTEC qualifications, so you can be confident that you are getting it right.
  • Supports your entire BTEC team, whatever your department or role.
  • Contains all the support you need to help you to get started using myBTEC.

How can I use myBTEC to make things easier?


Course planning

Course unit choices and dates are checked against Pearson systems.

Using myBTEC for course planning



In myBTEC your assessment plan, and your marking and IV forms are produced automatically.

Create assignments with myBTEC


Internal Verification

5 out of 10 checks on the assignment brief internal verification record are automated, saving you time.

Internal Verifications with myBTEC



Automatically generates learner feedback sheets for assignments and tracks achievement.

Support with marking and assessing


Progress tracking

Creates an assessment tracking grid, which shows learners’ progress towards their target grades.

Follow your progress on our tracking grid



Whether you're new or would like some refresher training, we have online webinars available.

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