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The Online version of the POP software will allow you to deliver a single test at a time using a laptop with a strong, stable and constant internet connection. This version will allow you to launch your learner’s tests from the Pearson Assessor Dashboard (PAD) website and/or the Qualification Management Application (QMA).

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If you are going out in the field to deliver the test to your learner, or if you are unsure of the stability of the internet that will be available, we would strongly recommend that you deliver your test in Offline mode. Tests should not be delivered in Online Mode by using a tethered internet connection. If internet connection drops, the test will be lost and will not be recoverable.

The Online version of the POP software has one component which will need to be installed. You can find in-depth guidance in the installation and user guides below. You can also use the quick reference guidance further down this page.

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We have two installers available for Offline and Online Mode.

.exe installer

Best for installing on to individual’s machines one at a time. The Installer checks the machine for prerequisites and will automatically download IIS Express or .NET 4.5 if it does not detect them.

Access the .exe installer

.msi installer

Best for installing across a network to a number of machines simultaneously. It is recommended to check all machines meet the minimum requirements, if prerequisites can not be detected the installation will stop.

Access the .msi installer

We've created a free on-demand e-Learning course, which is focused on the Offline/Online version of the POP software. The training is fully interactive and includes a software simulation of the Pearson Assessor Dashboard and Offline Dashboard. At the end of the course, you'll receive a certificate as proof of completion. Just click on the link below to complete the short form to get started.

If you're unable to view the module content after completing the registration form, your browser may have been configured to block pop-up windows. Please refer to your browser's help pages for information on how to enable pop-ups.

Online POP information

Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows 7 SP1 or greater
  • Dual Core Processor
  • Minimum 10GB hard disk space
  • RAM 512mb
  • Network Adaptor installed
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 


  • .Net Framework 4.5
  • IIS Express 8
  • Port 8080 open and availableThe test delivery platform is installed as part of the offline dashboard. This is used by the learner to take the test in either Offline or Online mode
  • Full administration rights during installation
  • Windows Media Player version 11 or above

Trusted Sites:

The Offline Dashboard is required to run tests in either Offline or Online mode.

The Offline Dashboard is installed to allow tests, which have been downloaded, to be delivered to learners without the requirement of an internet connection. It also allows tests to be delivered in Online mode giving learners access to the Test Player.

The Test Delivery Platform is installed as part of the Offline Dashboard. This is used by the learner to take the test in either Offline or Online mode. When the Test Delivery Platform is accessed, all other applications on the machine will be closed. The Test Delivery Platform is designed to stop and provide a warning if a learner attempts to access any other applications on the machine during the test. It will also do this if any applications start running in the background, as it will detect the activity.

PAD is a website that is used to access the tests you are going to deliver using the Offline or Online modes of POP. Tests which have been booked on Edexcel Online (EOL) and the Qualification Management Application (QMA) will appear on PAD.

PAD can be used to:

  • View future tests
  • Download tests to deliver in Offline mode
  • Launch a test to deliver in Online mode
  • Mark learners as absent
  • Upload test responses back to Pearson

A username and password is required to access the PAD website. This can be requested by contacting Customer Services.

The first time that PAD is accessed it is recommended that a PIN is generated, this can be done by clicking the dropdown menu to the right of the screen, then selecting Generate PIN.

The PIN is required to start a test for a learner. This is to ensure the security of the assessment, a PIN should not be shared with anyone.

Users who book and deliver tests to learners from across a number of subsites can view and access the tests using one PAD login. In order to switch centres click the dropdown menu to the right of the screen, select Switch Centre and then chose the subsite which you want to view tests for.

If you require access to more than one subsite please contact Customer Services.

To deliver a test online, the test will need to be selected by ticking the box to the left of the details. Once this has been done click Launch Test at the bottom of the page. This will launch the test directly from the web browser.

Once the test is complete the learner’s response will automatically upload to Pearson.

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