Pearson Edexcel has set the standard for worldwide recognised qualifications, built on the UK educational system and accepted by universities worldwide, for more than 150 years.

iProgress is our complete series for 3 to 19 year-olds for international schools.

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The iProgress family includes iPrimary, iLowerSecondary, International GCSE, GCSE, International AS/A level (IAL*), and UK A level, and delivers a consistent learning journey for students and teachers, everywhere in the world.

As the UK’s largest awarding organisation, Pearson Edexcel is best placed to provide qualifications that are recognised as being most closely aligned to the British educational system.

iProgress with Pearson Edexcel

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More than just a curriculum or qualification

iProgress offers a wide range of resources and support such as training, professional development, published resources and post results services.

We offer a wide range of support to help you deliver our qualifications such as:

  • Specification
  • Scheme of Work
  • Sample Assessment Material
  • Getting started guides
  • Exemplars
  • Lesson plans
  • Specialist subject advisors

Follow the links above to the qualification home page and select the subject to access all support and resources specific to your subject.

We offer a range of published resources which are matched to our qualifications. These include teacher resources (digital and print) and Student Books (digital and print). These resources are specifically designed for international students, with a strong focus on progression, recognition and transferable skills, allowing learning in a local context to a global standard.

Published resources for iPrimary

Published resources for iLowerSecondary, International GCSE and International AS/A level

We’re passionate about supporting teachers to expand their knowledge, learn new skills and achieve their career aspirations. So we've developed the Professional Development Academy an online portal supporting teaching professionals in their continuous professional development. 

You can find courses to support the course and subject you teach (including iPrimary, iLowerSecondary, International GCSE, and International AS/A level), support students, learn new skills, and progress your career.

Find, buy and access quality on-demand, live and self-guided courses available, creating flexible learning options at a time and place that suits you. 

Pearson Professional Development Academy

Thanks to our unique ePen technology, Pearson Edexcel offer unbeatable exam and results services including:

examWizard: a free tool for teachers containing a bank of past paper questions to help create bespoke mock exams and tests.

Results Plus: a free online results analysis tool that gives you a detailed breakdown of your students’ performance in Pearson Edexcel exams.

Access to Scripts: free online Access to Scripts allows you to view your candidates’ marked scripts online or download as a PDF.

Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Levels (IAL) and GCE A levels are widely recognised by universities in the UK and worldwide for entry onto undergraduate degree programmes. Whether you’re a school, university, student, or parent, take a look at the support we offer for progress to university.

Progress to university

We understand that marketing your centre, and the curriculum you offer, to prospective teachers, parents and students is the key to your success. The Pearson Edexcel marketing toolkit contains a wide range of curriculum, qualification and subject guides for your school community including parents.

Pearson Edexcel Marketing Toolkit

Once you are approved, you can request to be added to our Find a Centre tool which increases the chances of prospective parents and students finding your centre.

Request to be added to the Pearson Edexcel find a centre list

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