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Post-16 Level 2 Vocational qualifications

BTECs have become synonymous with success offering learners different routes to their chosen career each designed to help them achieve their goals in a way that suits their style of learning

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Our current BTEC Level 2 offer

 At Level 2 we have two different qualification routes available both with the same rigorous development but each with their own focus:

BTEC Level 2 Firsts: For progression to Level 3 Study

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BTEC Level 2 Firsts and BTEC Level 2 Skills qualifications are designed to support progression to Level 3 study such as BTEC Level 3 Nationals, BTEC Specialist qualifications or A levels as well to apprenticeships or employment.

BTEC Level 2 Technicals: For routes to employment or an apprenticeship

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BTEC Level 2 Technicals and BTEC Level 2 Industry Skills are practical qualifications designed to give your learners the skills and knowledge they will need to go straight into employment, an apprenticeship or to further technical study.

New BTEC Level 2 for post-16 and adults

We will be launching our new BTEC Level 2 post-16 qualifications in line with the roll out of the Departmens for Education's reform. Our new BTECs will retain their practical nature and enable your learners to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for their chosen career or progression option.

There will be two qualification suites to choose from:

  • BTEC First 
    These qualifications are designed to support progression to further full-time study at Level 3, either A Level, Level 3 Alternative Academic Qualifications (AAQ), Level 3 Technical Occupational Entry Qualifications (TOE) or T Levels.  

  • BTEC Technical 
    These qualifications support entry into employment or an apprenticeship. They will also be perfect for progression to further level 3 technical study.   


Advance information available for the following two sectors:


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