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At Pearson, we are currently developing our Remote Invigilation service, an innovative approach to onscreen assessment services. Learners will be able to take their test assessments at home or work, without the need for an invigilator to be in the room. This offers greater flexibility in terms of location and reducing travel times for both the learner and the assessor as well as providing both a short and long-term solution for invigilation of onscreen assessments. 

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Remote invigilation is a way for a learner to take an assessment in their home or work environment at a time and date that fits around their working/home life, whilst still ensuring the security and integrity of the test.

By taking tests in this way, learners will access their tests in a suitable environment at a time that fits in to their home/work life. The learner will be invigilated via their webcam, smart phone camera and through screenshare.

It will provide a secure online environment which enables the learner to complete their tests at a time and place that suit their needs.

Our Remote Invigilation service will monitor a learner immediately before and throughout their assessment test.

Centres will book their learner onto this service. Ahead of their test, the learner will receive email information from Pearson asking them to complete some initial checks and steps to ensure that their equipment meets the requirements of taking a test in this manner. It is important to follow each of these steps and checks of the process to ensure that the assessment runs as smoothly as possible for the learner.

On completion of the test, the learner's responses will be uploaded to Pearson and move through our marking processes as usual with results being made available to the centre in the normal way and within our usual SLAs. 

Pearson will carry out detailed reviews of all tests being taken using our Remote Invigilation service to ensure that all test requirements are being met and the security of our assessments is being maintained. If there are any issues with remotely invigilated tests, Pearson will contact and work with the centre immediately.

All tests will be thoroughly reviewed by Pearson from three recordings: webcam, mobile camera and screenshare. 

This allows Pearson immediate access to reviewable evidence of tests so action can be taken promptly if required and it also provides consistency of standardisation of invigilation. This format of invigilation is an active deterrent for cheating or any other form of misconduct.


  • Reformed Functional Skills English Reading Level 1
  • Reformed Functional Skills English Reading Level 2
  • Reformed Functional Skills English Writing Level 1
  • Reformed Functional Skills English Writing Level 2
  • Reformed Functional Skills Mathematics Level 1
  • Reformed Functional Skills Mathematics Level 2
  • End-point Assessment (EPA)

In the coming weeks, we will make our Intention to Offer form available so that you can tell us that you want to use this new service. 

Once we confirm that you have been set up, you will then be able to book your learners' tests in the usual way whilst including the request for the test to be taken with remote invigilation using our proctoring solution.

Remote Invigilation provider benefits

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Benefits to Providers

  • Saves you time and resource – our 'easy to set up' home assessments can be taken by learners without the need for you to arrange an invigilator
  • No cancellations of exams due to disruptions; such as COVID-19 or the weather
  • Reduced pressure on testing on-site - invigilators/assessors won't need to travel to the assessment
  • Reduced pressure on exam administration - training, timetabling, and logistics.
Remote Invigilation learner benefits

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Benefits to Learners

  • Reduce travel time – test can be taken in a suitable location of learners choosing
  • Tests can be scheduled to be taken at a time that is convenient for the learner so that it fits in and around their home/work commitments
  • Learners can take their test in a familiar environment which can reduce anxiety that a testing room may cause
  • Pearson will provide clear, comprehensive guidance to support learners as they prepare to take their test remotely.
Remote Invigilation FAQs

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Frequently asked questions around Remote Invigilation and the processes you need to follow to use the service.

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Remote Invigilation Expression of Interest

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