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Find out how to create courses, search for courses, add course teams, and add and remove learners, in myBTEC.

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How to create a course

  1. You need to have claimed the Course Leader role or higher to create a course.
  2. Select ‘Courses’, then click ‘Create a course’.
  3. On the 'create a course' screen, you will be asked to select a qualification.
  4. Add your course name, then choose subject, qualification suite, pathway, and size using the drop-down menu. Every time you choose something myBTEC will ask Pearson systems what comes next. Don’t worry, you cannot choose anything that your centre is not approved to offer.
  5. Select ‘next’ - your course is saved as a draft.
  6. Select a start date and a finish date. Don’t worry, myBTEC prevents you from going past the qualification end date.
  7. myBTEC automatically adds all the mandatory units to your course and you can see the total amount of Guided Learning Hours.
  8. From lower down the screen, select the optional units that you would like to add. You can add more than you need, but you cannot add less. myBTEC knows any Meeting Local Needs arrangements that your centre has in place.
  9. To ensure that you have a valid combination for your course and qualification, click the 'check course structure' button. Don’t worry, when you click next myBTEC will ask Pearson systems if there are any eligibility issues.

You can now view a summary of your course and you can select 'confirm course'. Once the course has been confirmed you can still add further units. You can’t remove units but you can exclude learners individually from a unit via the progress tracker.

  1. Select the 'course management' tab inside the course.
  2. Select '+ add' from the 'course team' section (myBTEC will automatically bring up a list of your colleagues with applicable roles).
  3. For each role, choose your team members from the list then select 'add'. A notification email will be sent to each member to welcome them to your course team.
  1. Select the 'course management' tab in your course and scroll down to the learner table.
  2. On the learner table click ‘add learners’. myBTEC will ask Pearson for a list of your registered learners.
  3. Select the learners you would like to add from the list, then click 'add learners'.
  4. To remove learners from a course, select them in the table and click ‘remove learners’.

Most myBTEC users create a course for each class of learners; this approach is easiest if some groups may progress at different speeds from others. You can IV each assignment brief in the first course and just IV the assignment dates in the second course. Other centres create a larger course for a year group of 2 classes on the same timetable.


myBTEC users tell us this simple function can save at least 1 day of admin time.

  1. Go into a course or Select Manage Courses and click the checkbox for the course that you want.
  2. click 'create a copy'.
  3. myBTEC will create a copy of the course containing: the same units, your course team members, all of your assignments.
  4. The next step is to plan your new dates for your assignments which will create your assessment plan automatically. 
  5. When you add your learner registrations myBTEC will create everything you need to mark, IV and track too.
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