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Secure Tests

Web release assessments are either accessed by learners or printed by the centre.

You will need your Edexcel Online username and password to access the assessments.

Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions for each group of qualifications before downloading test papers.

If you require electronic copies of printed question papers, you can use:

BTEC and T Level assessment download

Our qualifications

BTEC Firsts

BTEC Firsts allow level 2 learners to develop their knowledge and understanding by applying their learning and skills in a work-related context.

BTEC Nationals

BTEC Nationals are career-based Level 3 qualifications designed to give students the skills they need to move on to higher education or go straight into employment.

BTEC Personal Licence Holder tests

BTEC Personal Licence Holder tests are offered at Level 2 and cover the legal and social responsibilities of a personal licence holder.

BTEC Security qualification tests

BTEC Security qualification tests cover the knowledge required to complete the Security licence-linked qualifications.

BTEC Tech Awards                   

BTEC Tech Awards are offered at Level 1 and Level 2 and are specifically designed for 14-16 year olds in schools.

BTEC Technicals

BTEC Technicals help post-16 learners stand out from the crowd with all the skills they need to start and succeed in their careers. These are offered at Level 2.


EDSQ (Essential Digital Skills) is available at Entry Level and at Level 1. It is designed to equip people with the basic digital skills needed for life and work.


ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) qualifications support learners whose first language isn’t English, and is available from Entry 1 to Level 2.

Essential Skills Wales

Available from Entry Level 1 to Level 4, Essential Skills Wales are the only basic skills qualifications offered in Wales.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills are qualifications in English, mathematics and ICT, offered at Entry 1 to Level 2. Suitable for learners of all ages.

IHCD tests

IHCD tests are designed for technicians working within the ambulance services.

T Levels technical qualification

T Levels are a new two-year technical study programme primarily aimed at 16-19 learners.


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