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Assessment plans

Find out how to create assessment plans, and how myBTEC does this for you!

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For any assignment in a course in myBTEC the first thing to do is plan the dates for the assessment.

  1. Select the assignment from the 'assignments' tab in your course and click ‘add to plan’.
  2. myBTEC will bring up a list of the dates required with assessment guidance for each.
  3. Complete all the fields as required then click 'add to plan'. This not only adds the dates to your assignment brief but also competes your assessment plan for you.
  4. You can now send this assignment for internal verification and, once approved, add the learners.


  1. If you have already created your assignment brief or you are using a Pearson authorised assignment brief, then add the assignment to your course and then click ‘add to plan’.
  2. If you would like to plan an assessment for an assignment that you have not written yet then go to the assessment plan tab in your course and click the 'Add assessment' button.
  3. Follow the assessment guidance to choose suitable dates and enter a holding title such as ‘Unit 1 aims A and B factory visit’.
  4. After you have completed all the required fields, select 'add to plan'.
  5. When you have created the assignment brief for this assessment you can click select the assessment in your assessment plan using the checkbox, and click ‘choose assignment brief’.
  6. The status and options available will vary depending on whether the assessment plan has been linked to an assignment.
  1. On the assessment plan tab in your course, click ‘Add external assessment’.
  2. Choose between the externally assessed units in your course and choose a date.
  3. Click ‘Add to plan’.


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