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Alistair Drewery

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UK: 0333 016 4092
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Alistair Drewery, Languages subject advisor

Learn more about making the move to Pearson Edexcel GCSEs

Information supporting the move to our GCSE French, German and Spanish specification.

Switching to Edexcel 9–1 GCSE French

Switching to Edexcel 9–1 GCSE German

Switching to Edexcel 9–1 GCSE Spanish

These short films provide essential guidance for teachers preparing to conduct Pearson Edexcel GCSE and A level speaking tests. 

This table provides the provisional dates for the oral windows for all of our language qualification assessments in the summer 2020 series. It also lists the linked qualification entry deadline dates.

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Discover more about the Pearson Online learning service for the Pearson Edexcel A level In Spanish

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Useful documents

GCSE MFL Administrative Support Guide (1AA0, 1CN0, 1FR0, 1GN0, 1GK0, 1IN0, 1JA0, 1RU0, 1SP0, 1UR0) - 2019 v1
pdf | 545.3 KB
Administrative Support Guide
pdf | 709.9 KB
A level French - scheme of work
docx | 75.9 KB
A level German - Scheme of work
docx | 74.8 KB
A level Spanish - scheme of work
docx | 68.4 KB

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