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Alistair Drewery, Languages subject advisor
Alistair DreweryLanguages
UK: 020 7010 2187
Intl: +44 (0)20 7010 2187

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Re: Are you a language teacher willing to conduct oral exams for external candidates? Host centres and examination centres needed.

Dear Alistair, For GCSE Chinese speaking assessment. I have a group of 6 candidates but two in Cantonese. I can understand Cantonese but not speaking.   Can I do the oral for them , I can ask them...

27 April 2016

French cultural awareness, language learning and football too!

Looking for an exciting activity that promotes French cultural awareness and language learning in French (or any other foreign language)? Read more about an interesting new challenge from the Arsenal Double...

17 April 2016

Looking for an amazing challenge for your language students? Arsenal Double Club may have the answer.

Find out more about an exciting competition that, although linked to French culture and the forthcoming Euro 2016, can involve any foreign language. Ideal for budding language teachers of the...

17 April 2016
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