Edexcel International Advanced Levels

The international version of A levels, our Edexcel International Advanced Levels have been written to the highest standard, with the global learner in mind, and are recognised by universities across the world.

Available in 19 popular subjects, they offer progression from our GCSEs or International GCSEs and can be taken alongside Edexcel A levels or BTEC or LCCI qualifications to give students a comprehensive choice of subjects. Edexcel International Advanced Level qualifications are not available to UK schools.

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  1. A

  2. B

    1. Biology
    2. Business
    1. Business Studies
  3. C

    1. Chemistry
  4. E

    1. Economics
    2. English Language
    1. English Literature
  5. F

  6. G

  7. H

  8. I

  9. L

  10. M

    1. Mathematics
  11. P

    1. Physics
    1. Psychology
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