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Find out how to create an assignment, link an assignment to a course, and select learning aims for your assignment, in myBTEC.

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  1. Select 'assignments', then click 'create an assignment' from the drop down menu
  2. Give your assignment a title that will engage your learners and a file name that will make it easy for you to recognise it
  3. Choose whether to base your assignment on units in one of your courses or choose from any units.
  4. Select which unit(s) you would like the assignment to cover and click the 'add unit(s)' button. You can choose more than one unit to produce an integrated assignment.
  5. Click ‘Next’ and choose the learning aims that you would like to assess with this assignment. This is the data that will automate your assessment and tracking!
  6. Click ‘Next’ to write your assignment! You can add images if you like. On the right side of the screen is assessment guidance for each section.


  1. Go into your course and select the assignments tab.
  2. Click the button to 'add existing’ assignment.
  3. Choose your assignment from the list and click ‘add’.
  4. The next step is to plan your dates and then send to the IV for internal verification.


Once the assignment has been approved by your internal verifier you will be able to add learners.

  1. Click into the assignment in the ‘assignments' tab in your course and go to an assignment that has been IV approved.
  2. Click ‘add learners’ to see a list of all the learners that you have added to your course.
  3. Select the learners that will be taking this assessment and click ‘add’. You may not be selecting all the learners on your course, some may be doing a different task or doing the same task at a different time.
  4. Now you have added your learners the assessment record sheets for each learner and the IV sampling forms have been generated by myBTEC and are ready to use once the assessment starts.

Once you have added your learners the assessment record sheets for each learner and the IV sampling forms have been generated by myBTEC and you can go ahead and start to assess your learners

  1. Click into the assignment in your course and go to the online marking tab. The mark sheet is active for you, the assessor and for the Lead IV and the QN, however the Internal Verifier on this assessment cannot edit the marksheets.
  2. Select the learner that you would like to mark.
  3. Complete the assessment record sheet as you normally would. Do not forget to add the date that the learner work is handed in and if the Lead IV authorises a resubmission opportunity or not. Do not click ‘Finish All’. Follow the assessment guidance below to write good feedback.
  4. Select the next learner that you would like to mark, and repeat! You will see that the first learner has a grade next to their name and their status has changed to show that you have marked them.
  5. Are there any learners who haven’t handed in their work? If so select the learner and click ‘Not yet submitted’. If they hand it in late you can change this.
  6. When you have completed all learners click ‘Finish All’. You will be prompted to confirm the IV that is going to sample your marking. The results will not be added to the learner progress tracker until they have been confirmed.
  7. The IV will be notified by myBTEC
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