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£18.00 per mock exam paper for GCSE English and Maths
Our new moderation service allows you to provide your students with their mock results whilst supporting your, or your team’s, marking skills. By sending in a sample of your exam papers, our moderators can supply commentaries and reports to help you understand the mark scheme and provide reassurance that your marking is aligned with the Edexcel standard for GCSE English and Maths.

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You'll need to submit a sample of around 15% of your own marked papers, which will be reviewed by our team of expert moderators. Your school will then receive script commentaries and the moderation report.

Please note, this exciting new service is available for you to use with your mocks from the autumn term for GCSE English and Maths. 


We'll support you to:

  • Understand the mark scheme and provide reassurance that your marking is aligned with the Pearson Edexcel standard
  • Gain accurate expectations and understanding of levels and progression of learning
  • Maintain grade consistency across cohorts and schools
  • Identify areas that need improvement and that could benefit from additional CPD. 

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How does it work?

  1. Your students sit the mock exam 
  2. You mark your students’ mock exam papers 
  3. We recommend that you select around 10/15% of the papers to be submitted for moderation (although you can submit a larger % if you like!) 
  4. Provide additional information of the sample by filling in the moderation spreadsheet
  5. Your marking is moderated by our expert Pearson Edexcel Moderators with detailed script commentaries
  6. The scripts with the commentaries and moderation report are returned to your centre within 21 days of us receiving your papers. 


What's included?

As part of the Mocks Moderation Service, you will receive electronic script commentaries on each paper, indicating any marking discrepancies. You will also receive a moderation report, which may contain the following examples: 

  • How students coped with each question in the paper
  • The completion rate and score analysis of the papers
  • Tiering decisions  
  • Detail on the overall consistency of marking
  • Detail on how well teachers and students have understood the mark scheme 
  • Strengths, weaknesses and common trends throughout the papers 
  • Key focus areas for students and examiner recommendations.


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