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Modified papers help ensure that candidates with varying needs can access the examination materials needed to accurately assess their skills and knowledge. There's a variety of formats available, each of which aims to accommodate a range of difficulties.  

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How do I request modified papers?

You can order modified papers using the JCQ Access Arrangements Online Tool on Edexcel Online. For Functional Skills and Principal Learning modified papers, please complete the Application for Modified Papers form below.

Any assessment or material that are not part of a timetabled event, and are available well in advance are not provided in Modified Formats. Centres are permitted to adapt these in-house to their particular candidate's needs.

When do I need to request them by?

For details of submission deadlines for modified paper requests, see our special requirements page. We may not be able to provide question papers in a different format if we receive your application after the deadline.

FAQs about ordering modified papers

Modified papers data is uploaded to the online system before a deadline and after the close of a previous session. There are normally only 2 sessions live at any time to reduce the possibility of materials being ordered for an incorrect session.

The online search criteria can be very specific. The first thing to try is reducing the number of parameters you enter into the search. Begin by selecting 'Edexcel' as the awarding body, then leaving all other fields blank. Go to the 'Exam Code (if known)', where you should enter the first few characters of an exams component code. If your candidate is sitting Mathematics 5MA0 01F for example, you need only put 5MA into the search and this will bring up all papers that begin with '5MA'.

This is especially useful when you’re ordering papers that either have multiple parts or have an early/pre-release item associated with them, as you will see all available parts.

First, check that you’re searching for paper codes and not specification codes. The online system works at paper level, so you must use the code for the individual examination that the candidate will be sitting.

Secondly, check that the item you’re searching for isn't a piece of coursework, controlled assessment, or other non-secure (that is, with no specified exam date) release. We only provide material that centres have no access to before an assessment. In all other instances, you should modify the material as appropriate to your candidate's needs.

Finally, check that the item you’re searching for isn't a Functional Skills or Key Skills paper. These don't fit into the online system’s available examination slots as they happen several times a year. These items should be requested by emailing additional_requirements@pearson.com.

The online system will accept orders all the way up to an examination date. If you’ve missed a deadline, the most important thing initially is to get your order submitted using the online system. Without this order we won’t be able to begin work on any materials you require. Where at all possible we’ll attempt to fulfil your order.

However, if we’re unable to do so because of the lateness of an application, we’ll contact you.

There are no confirmations. As soon as you submit an application, we can access it instantly. You can also return at any time to review, either at centre or at candidate level, all of the orders you’ve placed online.

You can cancel modified paper orders using the Access Arrangements Online Tool. If you no longer require a paper, or you wish to change an application, please cancel your original request and re-order the replacement materials. Please be aware that cancelling and re-ordering after the published deadlines will jeopardise delivery of your replacement request.

We can’t advise you on the appropriate modification for your candidate. If you don’t work directly with the candidate concerned, seek advice from a specialist teacher or SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator).

FAQs about delivery of modified papers

We strive to deliver papers to centres a minimum of 10 days before an examination date. We’ll try to send as many of your requested materials in the same package as possible to reduce any administrative burden for you.

Check that your request was successfully submitted. If you’re confident that your order exists and is completed on the Access Arrangements Online Tool, please email additional_requirements@pearson.com.

You will have received a detailed delivery schedule with your modified papers. This will show information about any outstanding paper deliveries that are still to come.

FAQs about the content of modified papers

The modification process is often much more than simply enlarging the text. We look at factors that may disadvantage a candidate’s ability to answer a question. If required, we may adjust the style of question or the information contained within it to account for some of these disadvantages.

You should continue to use the version that has been provided. Never provide candidates with the diagrams, table, or any elements of the original paper to use in place of those in the modified version, as you will risk the candidate’s marks.


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Our search tool gives you instant access to a library of past modified papers. They’re available free to teachers and students, although only teachers can access the most recent papers sat within the past 9 months.

For Teachers

Modified past papers for the most recent exam sessions (within the last 9 months) can be accessed only by registered centres. If you don't have an Edexcel Online account, please contact your Exams Officer.

For Students

Modified past papers marked by a lock are not available for students, but only for teachers and exams officers of registered centres.

However, students can still get access to some available modified materials by using the search tool below.

Find out more about past papers for students

Please note that the past paper search on this page is for modified formats only. If you wish to find past papers that have not been modified for candidates with varying needs please follow the link below.

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