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Special requirements

Some candidates may have special needs during their examinations. In such cases, centres can apply for special requirements on their behalf. 

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In cases where candidates' performance may be affected by unforeseen circumstances outside their control, special requirement arrangements can be made for AEA, A level, GCSE, International GCSE, International AS/A Level, ELC, Functional Skills, PLSC, Edexcel Award, T-Levels and BTEC Qualifications.

Special requirements include:

Month of examination for GCE/GCSE/ELC/Functional Skills/IAL/Int GCSE (externally assessed components)

Final date for submission of requests for access arrangements for examinations

November 2022

20 September 2022 – modified versions of question papers*

1 October 2022 – access arrangements for IAL

1 November 2022 - access arrangements - GCSE

January 2023

4 October 2022 – modified versions of question papers*

21 October 2022 - all other access arrangements

May/June 2023

31 January 2023 – modified versions of question papers*


31 March 2023 - all other access arrangements including transferred candidate arrangements. 

Special consideration

Within seven days of the last examination in the series in each subject.

Timetable variations

Examinations can be rearranged between morning and afternoon sessions of the same day if there are timetable clashes, provided that the security and confidentiality of the question paper is maintained. Awarding body approval is not required. In cases where overnight supervision is required, the application for a timetable variation and confidentiality declaration for overnight supervision form must be filled out and signed no later than two weeks before the start of the examination series, in order that those involved understand their obligations. A copy of the form should be retained by the centre and the supervisor for six months.

Awarding body approval is no longer required.

Transfer of IAL credit between awarding bodies

31 October 2022 for transfer of credit in summer 2023.

*It may not be possible to provide question papers in a different format if we receive your application after this deadline.

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