Exams Officer training

At Pearson, we recognise the important role that you as an Exams Officer play in making sure the assessment process runs smoothly. As a specially dedicated training team, we offer events throughout the year as well as training materials to help you succeed in your role.

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If you wish to contact us directly to discuss your training needs, please email EOevents@pearson.com.

Pearson Development Hub

The Pearson Development Hub is our new dedicated space for Exams Officer training. We have created this as part of our commitment to you to offer enhanced support and training in 2023 and beyond.


Access our library of interactive modules alongside live training, curated support articles, and the most useful documents from our website. We have brought everything you need to one place to save time when you need to upskill or refresh yourself on a topic.

  • Pause interactive modules and return to them later
  • Make notes in the notepad that you can refer to and download later
  • Receive email alerts when new content is released
  • Follow curated learning paths for a particular qualification or process

Accessing the Pearson Development Hub

The Pearson Development Hub is only available to centre users with a registered Edexcel Online account. We have created an account for Edexcel Online users listed with an exams staff role, e.g., Examination Manager, Examinations Officer, Examinations Assistant.

If you do not have an Edexcel Online account, please see Edexcel Online: Create a new account for further details about creating Edexcel Online accounts.

If you already have an Edexcel Online account and you encounter any issues logging into the Pearson Development Hub, please refer to our general troubleshooting guidance.

Please see Pearson Development Hub: How to access the system for further instructions on how to access the system using your Edexcel Online account.

On-demand training

Pearson's on-demand courses are a convenient way for you to access training. These courses take about 20-30 minutes to complete, are fully interactive and offer a certificate as proof of completion.

You can access our on-demand training on the Pearson Development Hub.

Exams officer updates 2023/24 live events

We will be hosting monthly online events for exams staff during 2023 and 2024. These live events will go through news, updates and various areas to support you in the coming months.

You can sign up for the live events on the Pearson Development Hub.