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Standards Verification and external examination

Assessment arrangements in light of Covid-19

In light of the recent announcements in relation to Covid-19 and school and college closures, we have put together some questions and answers that we hope will help explain our current plans for continuing with standards verification, and our position on assessment for vocational qualifications.

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Standards Verification is how we check that you are operating appropriate quality assurance and maintaining national standards. External Examination is a specific type of standards verification used for our BTEC Level 4-7 (QCF) programmes and BTEC Level 3 and 4 Foundation Diplomas in Art and Design. This page provides more information on the processes and support to help you prepare.

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How we do it

We allocate a Standards Verifier, who is a subject expert, to conduct sampling of assessment instruments and assessed learner work in order to provide judgements and feedback. Standards Verifiers support you in identifying good practice and areas for further development, giving you guidance on how you can improve your assessment.

If our Standards Verifier concludes that learners haven't demonstrated the national standard outlined in the specification through their work, you'll agree actions that need to be completed before we'll be able to issue certificates to your learners. This will include providing a second sample to show that you've responded the Standards Verifier's feedback.

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The Process

The process for Standards Verification is slightly different depending on the type of programme you are delivering. Select one of the links for more information.

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