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Moderator reports

To help you prepare for exams and understand student performance, we produce Moderator Reports to provide feedback on coursework and exam performance. Here's an explanation of the different reports, and a video demonstration showing how to access them on Edexcel Online. 

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Moderator Report (E9)

Your moderator writes a report to explain where it was necessary to adjust your centre’s marks. Where possible, your moderator advises you on how you could make improvements for future series.

Two report options are available:

  • a single document, which includes moderator reports for all subjects
  • an individual subject report.

You can find these on Edexcel Online. Please speak to your examinations officer if you don't have access to Edexcel Online.

Need help finding the reports on Edexcel Online? See our short video.

Principal Moderator Report

The Principal Moderator also compiles a report on how candidates performed in this year’s examinations. It provides general feedback and highlights good approaches that can be taken forward to future examination series.

You can find these reports on ResultsPlus. Please speak to your examinations officer if you don't have access to ResultsPlus.


The 'Coursework moderation and mark adjustments' guide at the bottom of this page explains how we calculate final coursework marks.


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