To support you and your learners we have a number of different resources available, Free Resources (accessible through EOL) and a set of Paid Resources (available from July 2020), which will be accessible through Learning Hub. 

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Free resources

Introductory teaching resources

Pearson provides free introductory teacher support materials for all registered Pearson education partners. These materials are not as detailed as our Digital resources but they are an invaluable introduction to teaching BTEC. This material includes Delivery Plans, to help you organise units into a structured study. For selected units we also provide Delivery Guides, which introduce you into some key ideas for delivering a unit, and Schemes of Work to help you develop an organised approach to content delivery. 

Assessment support

Pearson also provides, for all registered Pearson education partners,  Authorised Assignment briefs which can be adjusted to reflect your local context. These can be used for all units except your Pearson Set Assignment units- for which we provide a sample Pearson Set Assignment.

To get access to these resources, you must already be an existing centre with EOL login details.

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