Welcome to your teaching, learning and assessment page for 2023/2024.  We will keep you up to date with the latest news and information to support you delivering BTEC, BTEC Tech Award and T level qualifications.

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5 July BTEC claiming deadline

You should make all BTEC full award claims for learners expecting to receive a result in August 2024 by 5 July. If claims are made after the 5 July, and learners are still expecting a result in August you may be liable for a Missed claim deadline administration fee.

Read more about the missed claim deadine admin fee

We’re here to help you meet the 5 July deadline. If you have any concerns you should contact us as soon as possible through the Pearson support portal.

Read our claiming deadline FAQs including requesting extensions

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BTEC key dates timeline and what to expect in 2023/24

Our key dates timeline has been designed to ensure results are delivered successfully to all learners in August 2024. Following feedback from colleges and schools, we have made some changes to our key dates to make the process easier for you to manage.  

Read our new BTEC key dates for 2023/24

We’ve also made several improvements to the processes and delivery of BTEC results in summer 2024. You can read a summary of our findings, along with the improvements we’ll be making for 2024 in the key dates document. 

FAQs | delivering vocational qualifications in 2024

5 July is your deadline to make full award claims, including inputting all internal grades, for learners expecting a result following the release of May/June 2024 external assessment results. All outstanding actions should also be completed by 5 July.

We are unable to guarantee learners will receive a qualification result on learner results days if qualification claims or internal assessment grades are provided after 5 July. If we do receive qualification claims or internal grades for learners after the 5 July deadline, Pearson reserves the right to charge centres £100 for each of these learners that receives a result on learner results days.

Read our full BTEC 5 July claiming FAQs

This year you will be using the VQ Learner Tracker, a new module in the Pearson Progress Platform, to help you manage your BTEC summer cohort. Here you’ll be able to identify learner registrations that require any action so you can meet the 5 July claiming deadline. If you’ve not yet explored the VQ Learner Tracker, we’d encourage you to familiarise yourself ahead of the deadline.

You can read our quick guide to getting started

What can I expect to see on the VQ Learner Tracker now?

View a regularly updated complete view of all active registered learners, viewed onscreen or as a shareable data download.

Identify learners with risks to receiving results such as a missing a cash-in (BTEC Tech Award) or assessment entry. 

Arrange and filter information by UCAS applicants, qualification, completion dates, and other criteria to understand cohort information and prioritise tasks.

What extra features can I expect? 
We’ll be adding more features to the VQ Learner Tracker so you can see what action you need to take for all your learners expecting a result in August. This will include risk factors such as missing claims, internal assessments, and ineligible combinations.