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BTEC Firsts, Nationals and Higher Nationals

If you're not happy with your BTEC results, there are several options available to you. Find out about our review of marking service and how to get a copy of your exam paper, and read the answers to FAQs about post-results services.

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  • get the marking of your work reviewed
  • get a copy of your marked work

Post-results services for our BTEC Firsts, Tech Awards, Technicals and Nationals by subject

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Can I get the marking of my exam paper checked?

Yes. Quality assurance procedures are in place throughout every stage of the exam cycle, but if you're concerned that your grade is wrong, you can ask us to perform additional checks.

If you'd like to request one of our 'Reviews of marking and moderation' (RoMM) services previously known as 'Enquiries about results' (EAR) services, you'll need to speak to the exams officer at your school or college, who will ask us to review the marking of your question paper on your behalf.

When will I get the result?

The table below shows when you can expect an outcome. For information about deadlines and fees, see:

Post-results key dates

Post-results fees

Service How long will it take?
Priority review of marking (Sevice P2)
(Level 3 only)
Up to 15 days
Review of marking (Service 2) Up to 20 days
Clerical check (Service 1)
Up to 10 days

Can I get my internally assessed assignments re-marked?

All of our approved schools, colleges and training providers are required to have an internal appeals process which sets out what you need to do if you disagree with a mark you’ve been issued by your teacher or tutor and the steps they will take to address your concerns or justify their marking.

Can I see my answers/get a copy of my marked exam paper?

Due to the nature of onscreen, on-demand assessments, we can only provide copies of marked exam papers for timetabled, paper-based exams.

Understanding onscreen, on-demand test results

The exams officer at your school or college will be able to ask us to return your marked exam paper on your behalf. This service is sometimes called an ‘Access to Script’ request. 

Important dates and fees

Your school or college may ask you to pay for these services before they submit your application. For information about deadlines and fees, see:

Post-results key dates

Post-results fees

Your marked question paper will indicate the number of marks you received for each question but may not show much more detail, such as which part of your answer was awarded credit. Our examiners don't usually annotate question papers while marking.

You'll need to speak to your teacher in order to get a copy of the mark scheme or for additional help interpreting where you've been awarded marks.

Yes, provided that:

  • you aren’t requesting a priority review of marking for your question paper (BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Children's Play, Learning and Development only)
  • you make the request before the priority deadline. You’ll need to submit your request to your school or college pretty quickly, as the deadline for applications is the week after results day.

We can't process any applications once a deadline has passed. If you request a copy of your exam paper after the priority deadline, you won't receive it until after the deadline to submit review of marking requests.

Yes. Ask the exams officer at your school or college to request this service at the same time as submitting your review of marking request.

Can I get my internally assessed assignments back?

Yes. Once we've issued your certificate you can ask for your school, college or training provider to return any internally assessed work.

Can I resit an externally assessed unit?

Yes but you can only resit the externally assessed unit for BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Children's Play, Learning and Development up to twice after the initial assessment. 

More information on resits for BTEC (NQF) programmes

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