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If you're not happy with your A level results, there are several options available to you. Find out about our review of marking service and how to get a copy of your exam paper, and read the answers to FAQs about post-results services.

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Can I get the marking of my exam paper checked?

Yes. Quality assurance procedures are in place throughout every stage of the exam cycle, but if you're concerned that your grade is wrong, you can ask us to perform additional checks.

If you'd like to request one of our 'Reviews of marking and moderation' (RoMM) services previously known as 'Enquiries about results' (EAR) services, you'll need to speak to the exams officer at your school or college, who will ask us to review the marking of your question paper on your behalf.

When will I get the result?

The table below shows when you can expect an outcome. For information about deadlines and fees, see:

Post-results key dates

Post-results fees

Service How long will it take?
Priority review of marking (Service P2)
Up to 15 days
Review of marking (Service 2) Up to 20 days
Clerical check (Service 1)
Up to 10 days

Before deciding to request a review of marking you should speak to your teacher. They may have additional information on how you performed during your assessment and be able to provide you with guidance.

The majority of review of marking requests do not result in a change to a grade, simply because the review of marking has shown that the original grade was accurate. However, it is possible that your grade could go up, go down or stay the same.

If your grade goes down, you cannot reject the review of marking and go back to the original grade. The only way to improve your grade would be to resit the exam.

The marking of your question paper will be reviewed by a senior examiner, who will check your answers against the mark scheme. This senior examiner won’t have marked your paper before. Once the marking of your paper has been reviewed, we'll do a clerical check to make sure that:

  • everything you've written has been marked
  • all of the marks have been added up to give the correct total mark
  • we’ve entered your total mark correctly on our systems
  • any special consideration has been taken into account (if it was applied for before the exam).

You can request that we only perform the clerical check. This will cost less than having a full review of marking.

If your exam paper was marked using our onscreen marking platform, your work will be sent electronically to a senior examiner as soon as your school or college makes a request.

The senior examiner is able to review the marking of the exam paper online and, as soon as they submit their mark, your school or college will be notified of the outcome.

We aim to have the result of your review of marking back to you within 20 days.

We understand that when you have a place at university or further education college that is dependent on your results, you need to know the outcome faster. That's why in August we also offer a priority review of marking service where we aim to have the result back to you within 15 days.

Yes, we send UCAS results information regularly. If your overall grade changes as a result of a review of marking or a clerical check, they will be told your new grade within 48 hours.

We don't refund students or parents directly but you may be able to request a refund from your school or college if:

  • you've been issued an overall grade and this changes as a result of the review of marking
  • you haven't been issued an overall grade and your notional unit grade changes as a result of the review of marking.

The refund policy for marking reviews is agreed jointly by the major UK awarding organisations.

If you're still not satisfied with the outcome of your review of marking, you can ask your centre to appeal on your behalf. Appeals do not normally involve reviewing your work again, but this will happen if there is evidence that the correct procedure wasn’t followed during the original review of marking.

Your centre has 30 calendar days after receiving the outcome of your review of marking to appeal. We can't process appeal requests after this deadline.

Find out more about appeals

Yes. Although private candidates often find it easier to speak to their school or college about their results, they can contact Pearson directly to request post-results services like a review of marking or to request a marked copy of their exam paper.

If a private candidate is unhappy with the outcome of a review of marking, they can also appeal our decision without going through their exam centre.

Contact our Student Services team

Can I get my coursework mark reviewed?

It's not normally possible for you to ask us to look at your coursework again.

Your teacher marks all project work, coursework and controlled assessment. It is then moderated by us. This means that we request a sample of your teacher’s marked work and check that we agree with their assessment.

Moderation is necessary to make sure that all students have their coursework assessed according to the same standards. Most of the time, we will approve and accept your teacher’s marks unchanged. However, sometimes marks are reduced or raised if we judge that your teacher’s marking has been too lenient or too harsh.

If you think that the mark on your results slip is not the mark your teacher gave you, please check with your teacher to see what happened to marks after moderation. If we did not adjust your mark, talk to your teacher or exams officer and they’ll get in touch with us. If we did adjust your mark, your teacher will need to decide if they want to send back all of the work from your school or college for remoderation.

We can't review the moderation of an individual piece of coursework or any work where we didn't change your teacher's original mark. We can only review the moderation if we changed the marks given by your teacher, but it's up to your school to decide whether it requests this.

Your school or college should base its decision on what is best for the majority of students. If your school has decided not to submit coursework for review of moderation, you will need to discuss this directly with them, as we can’t overturn their decision.

When we receive a request for a review of moderation, we will review the moderation of the coursework of all students originally entered at your school or college for a second time. This means that we will request the same sample of marking and the moderation of the work will be reviewed by a senior moderator.

Any changes we make to grades during the review of moderation may affect all students who submitted work.

The rules around marking, moderation and review of moderation of coursework and controlled assessments are agreed jointly by the major UK awarding organisations. They are in place to ensure that all students are treated equally, regardless of the awarding organisation used for their subject.

Can I see my answers/get a copy of my marked exam paper?

Yes. The exams officer at your school or college will be able to request for us to return your marked question paper on your behalf. This service is sometimes called an ‘Access to Script’ request. 

Important dates and fees

Your school or college may ask you to pay for these services before they submit your application. For information about deadlines and fees, see:

Post-results key dates

Post-results fees

Your marked question paper will indicate the number of marks you received for each question but may not show much more detail, such as which part of your answer was awarded credit. Our examiners don't usually annotate question papers while marking.

You'll need to speak to your teacher in order to get a copy of the mark scheme or for additional help interpreting where you've been awarded marks.

Yes, provided that:

  • you aren’t requesting a priority review of marking for your question paper
  • you make the request before the priority deadline. You’ll need to submit your request to your school or college pretty quickly, as the deadline for applications is the week after results day.

We can't process any applications once a deadline has passed. If you request a copy of your exam paper after the priority deadline, you won't receive it until after the deadline to submit review of marking requests.

Yes. Ask the exams officer at your school or college to request this service at the same time as submitting your review of marking request.

Can I get my coursework back?

Yes. You can ask your school or college to return any project, coursework or controlled assessments.

Can I resit an exam/resubmit coursework for an A level unit?

AS and A level units are only available in the summer exam session, but you can redo any assessment and we'll automatically take your best unit result when you cash in. If you already have an overall grade for your qualification, you'll need to cash in again to ensure we recalculate your grade.

The rules for resubmitting coursework vary by subject so you'll need to check with your teacher to see whether you can improve your existing work or will need to complete a different task.

Before deciding to resit, discuss your results with your teachers. You may find that a resit is not your best option. Sometimes, students don't do as well on the next units because their mind is focusing on improving the grade of an earlier unit instead. Remember, it is much more important to get a good mark on a unit that has a higher weighting.

You can find exam dates by checking our exam timetables or by speaking to your exams officer.

There is a charge for entering each unit and you'll need to check with your exams officer to see if your school will pay for you to redo an exam or piece of coursework. If you have to pay the entry fee yourself, you can find what we charge your centre on the fees page.

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