Case Study: Vibishnaa Saravanabavan

The BTEC HND provided me with the platform and opportunity to launch my career after my Advanced Levels in Sri Lanka. The completed HND in Telecommunication at SLT was recognised as a 2 years equivalent study at the University of Hertfordshire, where I was able to enrol as a Bachelor of Engineering final year student in Digital Communication Engineering.

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The qualification helped me to enhance my technical knowledge and develop new skills required by the industry. With the help of activities involving collaboration and presentations, I was able to develop key skills that are essential for an engineering career.

Most of the skills that I developed during my BTEC HND programme, such as interpersonal skills and public speaking have definitely made a significant difference to my career development. It helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, and boosted my confidence.

I am currently working as a Senior Solutions Engineer for a satellite operator called Intelsat based in the UK. My current role involves developing new satellite solutions as per the market requirement, provide technical design support for the sales team, supervise and implement the satellite solution and provide consultancy for solution requirements. 

Intelsat is the largest provider of fixed satellite services worldwide. They enable providers of media, telecom and government services to deliver information and entertainment to people at home, in the office or on the move worldwide. I started my career in 2013 in the satellite industry and up till now, what I learned during my HND has been very helpful.

To all current and prospective BTEC Higher Nationals students I'd say: do what you love, don't get forced to select a field of study and follow your passion and you will reach the right destination.