Pearson's HN Flex offering allows you to easily adopt and deliver bite sized knowledge, skills and behaviour units from Higher National qualifications at levels 4 and 5.

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Access wider markets by providing the ability to offer flexible, short-term solutions to students, while still allowing for long-term skills stacking. The opportunity to study and achieve individual Higher National (HN) units is especially relevant for students who are employed and seeking Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as well as employment progression opportunities. The HN Flex offering also benefits students who wish to upskill or reskill with the potential to seek employment in a new/alternative sector.

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HN Flex units are not programmes or qualifications and as such are not eligible for funding, however, the completion of individual units at level 4 and level 5 does provides evidence of learning. Certificates of Unit Credit (CoUC) will not carry the Ofqual logo.

Options for students

  • HN Flex offers students the chance to study stackable skills within a single BTEC Higher National qualification from our full range of over 40 subjects, with the progression opportunity to a Higher National Certificate (HNC) or Higher National Diploma (HND) qualification, achieving a Certificate of Unit Credit (CoUC) upon completion of the individual units studied.
  • A combination of up to four units from different BTEC Higher National subjects (the units cannot be combined to create a HNC/HND, students do have the opportunity to progress to a full HNC/HND, with a focus on a single subject discipline, having banked the units studied that are within a valid rule of combination)
  • Individual units of CPD as and when required; or
  • Completing only units required for professional body/vendor accreditation.