We are pleased to partner with ACCA to support your learners with completing a T Level in Accounting. Below, you can see the link to their ACCA-X, a free online course which can be used by your students to support their learning of the key accounting principles in the T Level in Accounting. Students also have the option of gaining an ACCA certificate on completion of payment and assessment.

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Information and resources

We have included below links to ACCA information and resources available for you and your students.

ACCA are a thriving global community of 233,000 members and 536,000 future members based in 178 countries and regions, who work across a wide range of sectors and industries. They uphold the highest professional and ethical values.

They offer everyone everywhere the opportunity to experience a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. Their qualifications and learning opportunities develop strategic business leaders, forward-thinking professionals with the financial, business and digital expertise essential for the creation of sustainable organisations and flourishing societies.

Their expertise as a global professional body and their professional members, ranging from large corporate organisations to small accounting businesses, have been involved in the design and creation of the TQ, and will continue to support the teaching and learning of the T level in Accounting, by providing tutor support materials, regional employer support and links, and a clear progression route to ACCA professional qualifications with the T Level being accepted as an entry to the Level 4 ACCA apprenticeship.

Software offers

ACCA are also supporting the software offers available from Intuit Quickbooks and Sage, for teachers and learners. They will both offer not only access to software for accounting tasks, but also the opportunity for learners to gain their software certification and alignment to their vast range of employer links for potential placements.

See below for further information:


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The Quickbooks partnership with Pearson and the ACCA means that you and your learners have access to Quickbooks offers during and on completion of their studies.

Here's a summary of what Quickbooks offer you and your T Level students:

  • Free QuickBooks Online software - for students and tutors
  • Quickbooks Online Core Certification Award - for successful students who complete T Level Technical Qualification in Accounting using QuickBooks Online software.
  • Support - full support for students and tutors 
  • Placement opportunities - with QuickBooks accountants

Get in touch

You can contact QuickBooks directly using the email adress below:


As a leading global financial management software, QuickBooks' mission is to power prosperity around the world. 

Whether you're a sole trader, a small business, a bookkeeper or an accountant, QuickBooks is committed to helping your business thrive. Effortlessly manage your finances in real-time on our smart and secure platform. Automate your books, always know where you stand financially, submit your taxes, and manage your employees.

Quickbooks' award-winning support team is always on hand to help. Live chat, screen sharing and phone support are available free of charge.


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The Sage partnership with Pearson and the ACCA means that you and your students have access to Sage Business Cloud accounting, sample case studies and materials with a Dual Sage ACCA certificate on completion of their mapped course. Here's a summary of what Sage offer you and your T Level students:

  • Use of Sage Business Cloud Accounting - for students and tutors. The fee for Sage Business Cloud including the Sage course and Certificate will be £40 per learner.
  • Certification Award – Additional certificate to showcase use of computerised accounting to add to students PDP.
  • Support - full support for students and tutors.