The Department for Education (DfE) have created National Technical Outcomes for the T Level Foundation Year. The National Technical Outcomes (NTO) are developed at route level, rather than by T Level, to give students a strong foundation for progression to any T Level within the route.

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The DfE expect theT Level Foundation Year to cover all the NTO for the relevant T Level route. The NTO show what your students will be able to do as a result of learning and applying the specified knowledge, skills and behaviours. The NTO cover three key elements:

  • the tasks your students will undertake to demonstrate their learning
  • the content being learnt (knowledge) 
  • the skills and behaviours being developed.

What this means for you

As an education provider, you have discretion over how to ensure your students achieve the NTO and how to use them to inform your delivery.

We believe that using a Level 2 Post-16 BTEC qualification is the best way to deliver the NTO, whilst at the same time giving your students the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification. Therefore, we have mapped the NTO into our BTEC offer. 

National Technical Outcomes mapping documents:

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