T Level providers have already been selected for the first wave of T Levels coming in 2020.

These providers can work with Pearson to make delivery of Digital and Construction T Levels a success.

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Frequently asked questions

First teach for Wave 1 T Levels is September 2020.

The first three T Levels will be available at selected colleges and schools (providers) across England in September 2020. This means pupils who entered year 10 in September 2018 will be the first to be able to study them.

Other centres will be able to register to offer T Levels.

Find out how to become a T Level provider

The Department for Education (DfE) have selected 54 providers to deliver T Levels in September 2020.

Anyone wishing to become an eligible provider in order to deliver T Levels is required to submit an ‘intention to teach’ application to the DfE. The DfE will then select providers for the 2022 rollout and beyond.

Specifications will be submitted to the IfATE in December 2019, with draft available for public release in March 2020.

Students who pass all the elements of their T Level will get a nationally recognised certificate showing an overall grade of pass, merit or distinction. It will also set out the details of what students have achieved on the course.

The T Level certificate will include:

  • an overall pass grade for the T Level, shown as pass, merit or distinction

  • a separate grade for the occupational specialism, shown as pass, merit or distinction

  • a separate grade for the core component, using A* to E

  • grades for maths and English qualifications

  • details of the industry placement

Every T Level will include an industry placement with an employer to develop the practical and technical skills required for the occupation. These will last a minimum of 45 working days but can last longer. Employers can offer industry placements as a block, day release or a mix of these.

Providers will support employers offering industry placements. This will include assistance with the necessary paperwork, a careful planning process and support with designing the industry placement.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and National Apprenticeship Service (part of ESFA) will work with employers and providers on industry placements.

Please note Pearson is not responsible for the Industry Placement element of the T Level, any queries should be directed to the DfE. 

The IfATE has announced additional funding of £500 million a year, once T Levels are fully rolled out, to help providers meet the costs of additional teaching hours and organising industry placements.

Providers of the first three T Levels will be able to apply for funding for up-to-date equipment and facilities. They will also be able to access training to help prepare their teachers and leaders.

Technical Qualification Description 

Download descriptions of the Technical Qualifications for which Pearson are responsible below.

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Provider webinar archive

We have hosted webinars for providers of T Levels in Construction and Digital ahead of the first teaching in September 2020.

Use the links below to view the recordings, or download the slides.

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