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This page explains our registration fees for vocational qualifications. For a price list, please see the fees page.

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About registration fees

Registration fees vary depending on what programme the learner is being registered for, and the type of registration. The registration fee covers learner registration, external verification, external assessment, onscreen testing and certification.

A late registration fee will be charged for BTEC programmes where we receive the learner's registration after the registration deadline. For more information, please see the fees page.

Please note that a learner cannot achieve more than one qualification per registration unless they're registered on a Pearson-approved Apprenticeship scheme.

Special fees for re-registration to complete a BTEC qualification

If a previous registration on a programme leading to a qualification has expired, and no qualification has been issued, learners may be re-registered on a currently approved programme of the same type/subject area and level for half the normal fee applicable at the time of re-registration.

In this scenario please register the learner, then email your Account Specialist to request a refund, including the new and old registration number. We will then be able to do this for you.

For BTEC programmes where learners are topping up their qualification (for example, from a Certificate to a Diploma), the top-up should be submitted through Edexcel Online. For more details, see Vocational transfers and changes to registration details. In such cases, you'll be charged the appropriate top-up fee.

There may also be a charge for transferring between programmes, where the original registration fee is less than the fee for the programme to which the learner is transferring.


Our finance department normally issues invoices weekly. If you're using Edexcel Online to register learners, you can enter an order number in the 'Order Number' box on the 'Register Students' screen. This will then be printed on the corresponding registration invoice.

If you're submitting registrations by EDIFACT EDI or through Edexcel Online, you can use your own numbers to identify learner groups. The reference number may be any alphanumeric reference of up to 12 characters.

Invoices for registrations submitted by JCQ EDI will show the form reference as 13 xxxx (that is, Board 13 Edexcel registrations, file extension .xxxx).

Payment for all fees is due 30 days from the date of the invoice. Payment cannot be withheld unless you dispute the amount of the charges by notifying us in writing, within 21 days of receipt of an invoice, giving full details of the amounts disputed and the reason you dispute the charges.

Unless good reason is given for non-payment of invoices by the due date, late payment interest at the rate of 8% plus current bank rate, as per the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, will be charged.

Please make cheques or BACs transfers payable to Pearson Education Limited, and address remittance advices to the Pearson Education Limited Finance Department.

Bank details:

HSBC Bank plc
62-76 Park Street
London SE1 9RX

Account no: 71060627
Sort code: 40-02-50

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