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Professional content delivered directly to your chosen audience. Our expert trainers lead our private sessions at a date and time convenient to you*, facilitating a group-learning experience for your school or college. You can select one of our courses below, or request training to be tailored to your needs.

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Our centre-based training aims to provide your staff with the skills and knowledge to develop best practices and improve learner outcomes. If you are interested in a tailored session for your centre that uses a selection of material from our available courses, please let us know by completing our booking form with details of your needs. A member of our training team will contact you to discuss how we can best facilitate your needs.


Length of session

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Up to 2 hours – (online) £575.00
Up to 3 Hours – (online) £635.00
Up to 5 hours – (online) £695.00
Face-to-face Available upon request

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* Please note that events are subject to trainer availability.

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We can arrange for one of our specialist trainers to deliver online training for your centre at a date and time convenient for you and your colleagues.

Training can be delivered to either a small group of individuals or you can even invite visiting staff from other centres to attend the training - a more cost-effective option.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, please submit your requirements to us using the link below. An email confirmation will be sent to acknowledge receipt of your enquiry within 2-3 working days.

Request centre-based training

If​ ​you​ ​cannot​ ​find​ ​the​ ​appropriate​ ​training​ ​course,​ ​please​ ​let​ ​us​ ​know​ ​what​ ​you are​ ​looking​ ​for​ ​by​ ​completing​ ​the​ ​centre-based​ ​request​ ​form​.