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Academic registration procedures

DiDA, Applied A levels and Principal Learning all require you to register your candidates. Read on to find out why, when and how. 

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Why do I need to register candidates?

When you register a candidate you indicate to us the level and/or number of units you intend them to take.

The only academic qualifications that require registration are DiDA, Applied A levels and Principal Learning. This is so that we can give you access to the information and support documentation you need, and offer you discounted fees. 

Each registration indicates the line of learning, the level, and the number of units that you intend your learners to take.

The current consortia arrangements mean that we won't automatically register learners on your behalf if you submit a Principal Learning entry for a learner who isn't registered. Instead, we'll contact you if we receive any entries for unregistered learners.

When you make Applied A level registrations you need to indicate the number of units you expect the candidate to complete.

The number of units determines the size of the qualification:

  • Three units: Advanced Subsidiary Award
  • Six units: Advanced Award, or AS Double Award
  • Nine units: Advanced Award with AS Award
  • Twelve units: Advanced Double Award.

If you submit entries via EDI for unregistered candidates, we'll automatically register them at the lowest level (usually an AS Award of three units in the relevant qualification area). If this isn't correct, you'll have to make additional entries and you may end up paying more overall for the qualification.

When you make a DiDA registration, you need to indicate the title of the qualification you expect the candidate to complete (Award, Certificate, Extended Certificate or Diploma), but you don't need to indicate the level (Level 1/Level 2).

If you submit DiDA entries via EDI for unregistered candidates, we'll automatically register them at the lowest level (usually AiDA). If you don't register candidates for the correct award, you may have to make additional entries and you may end up paying more overall for the qualification.

When do I need to register candidates?

You should register candidates at the start of the academic year in which they begin their study, and before the specified deadline. This applies even if you don't intend to enter them for any unit assessments until subsequent years.

You must make registrations before submitting entries for all registration-based subjects.

How can I amend an incorrect registration?

If you realise a candidate is incorrectly registered you won't be able to amend the registration, but you can enter them for additional units. You'll be charged for any additional units that the candidate needs to take. However, you can claim a smaller award without any additional cost.

Making entries for registered candidates

Please see the qualification-specific information above for more information about how we process entries without a registration.

When you submit entries, please ensure that the personal information matches the data supplied at registration. It's especially important that Unique Candidate Identifiers (UCIs) are consistent, because any discrepancies can lead to incomplete results.

Registration and entry confirmation documentation

You can get lists of candidates you've registered from Edexcel Online - look under 'candidates' and 'search for registration'. If you need a list of candidates by enrolment year, please contact us.

If you make registrations via EDI, you can check our EDI acknowledgement emails and Edexcel Online to confirm that registrations have been received and processed correctly.

Once your entries have been processed, we'll send you email confirmation. For ELC and Functional Skills we'll send paper copies listing the entries you have made and any entry anomalies.

For more information on registration and entry confirmation, please see the entry confirmation documents page.

Flagging a candidate as ‘Complete’ or ‘Withdrawn’

If a candidate is not going to continue with a registered subject, you can remove them from any lists of registered candidates on Edexcel Online by flagging them as ‘complete’ or ‘withdrawn’.

You can reactivate a completed or withdrawn registration at any time on Edexcel Online. This will reinstate any achieved units.

Transfers of registrations between centres

If you need to transfer a candidate registration to your centre or to another centre, please contact us.

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