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Our training and events programme will help you deliver the GCSE (9-1) Mathematics qualification with confidence.

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GCSE (9–1) Mathematics – How to apply the mark scheme and strategies to standardise markings

Watch our free on-demand training about how to apply our mark schemes, general marking guidance and strategies on how to standardise marking for GCSE (9–1) Mathematics. Julie, our Chair of Examiners for GCSE Mathematics, talks through an array of questions from past papers including November 2020 examinations with a focus on the reason, interpret and communicate questions (AO2), and the problem-solving questions (AO3). 

This on-demand training will cover:

  • the types of marks in the assessment and how to read and apply mark schemes
  • looking at a selection of past paper questions including November 2020 examinations
  • an in-depth talk through of how to mark more complex AO2/AO3 questions like an examiner
  • a variety of real-life student responses to questions and clear explanations as to why marks should or should not be awarded for each response.

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You can also watch our Maths expert, Mel Muldowney, bring this on-demand training to life in a live event on the 13 May 2021. Book the event. The recording will be available for attendees shortly after the session.  

Feedback on examinations

After every summer series, we provide pre-recorded training on the performance. You can access all the pre-recorded training available for GCSE (9-1) Mathematics.

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After every summer series, we also run a live online session with a subject expert discussing the feedback on the examinations. This is usually held in the autumn term. 

Watch subject expert feedback for summer 2019 papers (Foundation)

Watch subject expert feedback for summer 2019 papers (Higher)

Watch subject expert feedback summer 2017

Download transcript of subject expert feedback summer 2017 (PDF, 0.25 MB)

Teaching and Learning online events

Throughout the year we will run a host of live online sessions focused on the teaching and learning of GCSE Mathematics, hosted by one of our Subject Specialists.

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We also have a national training programme, that includes our local collaborative network events. You can visit our training page and book onto an event of your choice.

Find out about upcoming training events for GCSE (9-1) Mathematics

Heads of Mathematics Conferences

Our Heads of Mathematics Conferences run across the country in January and February each year. At the events, you get to meet the Pearson Edexcel Mathematics team and attend sessions with a focus on 11–19 Mathematics support, including exam feedback. There are choices of workshops to attend and plenty of chances to network with other Heads of Maths so you can gain insights, tips and advice to take back to your own department and use for CPD.

Full-day sessions are £50 + VAT; half-day sessions are £30 + VAT.

Mocks marking training events

In the autumn term of 2016 we ran mocks marking training events to help you apply the new mark schemes, so you can be confident you're getting a clear picture of your students' achievements. If you were unable to get to one of these events, you can view the videos from the Foundation and Higher tier events and download the training document below:

Watch the Foundation tier mocks marking video

Watch the Higher tier mocks marking video

Download our mocks marking training document:

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