Our GCSE (9–1) Mathematics qualification supports great maths teaching to help students become confident and successful mathematicians.

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Our GCSE (9-1) Mathematics specification is straightforward, and our assessments are written in clear and simple language making them accessible to all students, to give them every chance to show their mathematical ability and reach their potential. We deliver high-quality, local support for you and your students from day one, and throughout the lifetime of the qualification.

Our assessments carefully explain each question, and build confidence with a gradual increase in difficulty. Beginning with short one mark questions targeted at grades 1-2, rather than multiple choice, and increasing to crossover questions for grades 4 and 5, your students are able to understand the questions rather than guess the answers. We carefully assess the language and contexts used to make sure we are testing mathematical ability at all levels.

We're making more 9-1 exam resources available than ever before so you can prepare with confidence. So far we’ve produced 2 sets of specimen papers, 4 sets of mock papers and 7 sets of practice tests, plus tracking tools to help you see how your students are progressing.

We have extensive free support materials to help you deliver the course right from day one. This includes our free interactive Schemes of Work which link to free classroom assessments and materials, and works perfectly alongside our paid-for published resources. In addition our unique Maths Emporium website contains a wealth of past papers and mark schemes, topic tests, themed papers, crossover question papers, problem-solving tests and much more to help you keep track of how your students are progressing.

Our free online Access to Scripts service allows you to view your candidates’ marked exam papers so you can see how they performed on particular questions. Used in conjunction with ResultsPlus, our free online results analysis tool, you can gain a deeper understanding of your students’ exam results and identify topics and skills where they could benefit from further learning, helping them gain a deeper understanding of their subject.

Research shows a strong link between confidence and achievement in mathematics. Our GCSE (9-1) Mathematics resources have been developed with the help of UK teachers and are based on academic evidence and research into what improves learning.

We host a large number of online and local events to help you deliver our qualification, keep you informed about the latest news and share best practice. At our collaborative network hub meetings, held once a term at over 40 different locations, you’ll have the opportunity to network with your peers to share resources and ideas.

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