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Edexcel Awards in mathematics

Our Edexcel Awards in mathematics are stand-alone qualifications designed to help students build their confidence and skills in different areas of maths.

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Edexcel Awards in mathematics focus on key concepts and techniques to help students prepare for GCSE and A level Maths, for further study in other subjects, or for the workplace.

Take a look at our Myth Busting PDF dispelling some common misconceptions (PDF | 256KB)

Edexcel Awards in mathematics can help students to progress: 

  • in mathematics: Edexcel Awards can help students master mathematical concepts, either before or alongside GCSE and A level. When offered before GCSE and A level Mathematics, they can help students prepare. When offered alongside, they can support students who need help with the techniques. 
  • in other subjects that require mathematical skills: They can help students learn the key mathematical concepts they will need to study other subjects, many of which require a degree of mathematical knowledge to fully succeed. 
  • to further study, training or employment: For students who haven’t achieved GCSE or A level Mathematics, these qualifications can help them demonstrate their level of mathematical ability for further study or employment. 

We have extended the Pearson Edexcel Awards in Algebra and Number and Measure so you can continue to teach our Awards from September 2021. The Edexcel Awards are available to all learners in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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