What are Edexcel Awards in mathematics?

Edexcel Awards in mathematics are small, stand-alone qualifications that help students to understand key concepts and develop core skills in maths before progressing to GCSE, A level or further study. 

They support the GCSE, International GCSE, Edexcel Certificate, BTEC and A level qualifications offered in schools and colleges.

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Our Awards in Number and Measure, and Algebra offer a choice of levels to match students’ abilities, with clear progression between them. They help students to build their confidence and motivation in mathematics and are designed to:

  • fit in to the existing programme of delivery for mathematics in schools and colleges
  • prepare students for GCSE and/or A level Mathematics
  • support further study in other subjects, training or the workplace.

Each Award:

  • takes around 60-70 hours to deliver as a stand-alone qualification (roughly the size of half a GCSE)
  • is assessed externally through written papers
  • is awarded pass or unclassified
  • is available at different levels (Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3).

Who are these qualifications for?

They’re aimed at students who:

  • need to develop their mathematical skills in a particular area (number and measure or algebra) and build confidence in the subject before progressing to GCSE, A level or further study in mathematics
  • want to gain a qualification that demonstrates their mathematical ability.

Top questions about Edexcel Awards in mathematics

Edexcel Awards in mathematics can help students to progress:

  • in mathematics: Edexcel Awards can help students master mathematical concepts, either before or alongside GCSE and A level. When offered before GCSE and A level Mathematics, they can help students prepare. When offered alongside, they can support students who need help with the techniques.
  • in other subjects that require mathematical skills: They can help students learn the key mathematical concepts they will need to study other subjects, many of which require a degree of mathematical knowledge to fully succeed.
  • to further study, training or employment: For students who haven’t achieved GCSE or A level Mathematics, these qualifications can help them demonstrate their level of mathematical ability for further study or employment.

The Level 3 Awards will each receive three UCAS points. 

The Edexcel Awards in Algebra, and Number and Measure are all eligible for funding for pre-16, and 16–19 students in England.

Only the Edexcel Level 1 Award in Number and Measure meets the 16-19 condition of funding (as a ‘stepping stone’ qualification) in England.

Only the Edexcel Level 1 Award in Number and Measure is eligible for 19+ students in England. It can be funded under local flexibility funding, or the English and Maths entitlement.

Our write-on workbooks offer you tailored, level-appropriate practice to support you in delivering these qualifications. Designed to help you motivate your students and engage them with essential mathematics techniques, they’re ideal both for the classroom and for students to use themselves.

The workbooks help students to practise and develop their skills in targeted areas of mathematics. Focusing on basic mathematical building blocks, these books prepare students for more advanced content by helping them to get a firm grasp of the underlying skills.

Each workbook has short, skills-based sections that consolidate each topic. Offering excellent value, these books offer a mix of practice and exam-style questions and also include a complete practice paper. Three styles of question – guided, practice and stretch – offer progressively less support to lead your students towards their next examination milestone.

Learning and teaching resources are available from a range of publishers, including Pearson, and are not a prerequisite for delivering Pearson Edexcel qualifications.