Digital Sector

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The digital sector is at the forefront of dynamic change. How we use data, how we reach our customers and the importance of having the latest knowledge, services, and technology available has never been so crucial for businesses. Apprentices choosing to work in digital roles such as Digital Marketer, Data Analyst and Information Communication Technician can apply their skills across a range of different industries, giving them a wide range of career opportunities after completing their apprenticeship.

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We’ve worked closely with industry experts to develop our apprenticeship offer to ensure you can deliver apprenticeship programmes that reflect the latest industry best practices.

Standards included

Standard Level Assessment
Telecoms Field Operative Level 2 EPA
Digital Marketer Level 3 EPA
Information Communication Technician Level 3 EPA
Network Cable Installer Level 3 EPA
Data Analyst Level 4 EPA
Digital Learning Designer Level 5 EPA

You can use Pearson as your end-point assessment organisation (EPAO) regardless of whether you choose to use our on-programme offer.


Apprenticeship standards and End-point Assessments (EPAs)

We’ll provide the expert knowledge, EPA resources and services you'll need at every stage of the process, so you can focus on supporting your apprentices. Our apprenticeship standards programmes are broken down into two distinct areas:

  • We provide full support to help you to take apprentices from entry through to gateway for their end-point assessment.
  • Our on-programme offer is specific to each individual standard and can include a mix of mandatory and non-mandatory qualifications for apprentices to achieve as part of their apprenticeship programme.
  • You can use our on-programme offer regardless of whether you are using Pearson as your end-point assessment organisation or not.

As an ESFA-approved end-point assessment organisation (EPAO), we put end-point assessment at the heart of apprenticeship planning:

  • Regular touchpoints are set up with employers and training providers to ensure apprentices are fully prepared for their assessments.
  • Our dedicated EPA service will support you throughout the EPA journey.
  • Detailed resources and training are included for every stage of the programme. 
  • Regularly updated assessments reflect latest industry best practice.
  • Flexible assessment opportunities are available including remote invigilation.
  •  5-day results turnaround with rich feedback will help you support your apprentices.