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Apprenticeship Standards Network Cable Installer (L3)

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About the role

This apprenticeship standard is designed as a 12-15 month programme and is for apprentices who wish to gain the skills, knowledge and behavioural competences required to work as a Network Cable Installer.

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The role of the network cable installer is to install, terminate, test and certify network cable infrastructure components in accordance with National and International industry standards.

Installers work in data sensitive environments and contribute to the organisation’s cyber security strategy by ensuring the physical security as well as complying with basic cyber security principles for the maintenance of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

They could be called upon to work in the Inside Plant (ISP) environment which is dedicated to the installation of cable within buildings and structures, and the Outside Plant (OSP) environment, which is dedicated to the installation of cable externally between buildings, cities, and countries.




In order to meet the apprenticeship standard apprentices will be required to hold or achieve:

  • Achieve a minimum of Level 2 maths and Level 2 English

Apprentices wthout Level 2 English and maths will need to achieve this level prior to taking the end-point assessment.

For those with an education, health and care plan or a legacy statement the apprenticeship’s English and maths minimum requirement is Entry Level 3 and British Sign Language qualification is an alternative to English qualifications for whom this is their primary language.

As both a vocational and academic awarding organisation, we can offer a wide range of English and maths qualifications in line with your standards’ requirements from Functional Skills through to GCSEs.

Learning resources

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End-point assessment

End-point assessment

As an ESFA-approved Assessment Organisation, we provide a full range of assessment services, resources and support from our experienced EPA team to equip you and your learners with the diverse requirements of the apprenticeship standards.

You can use Pearson as your end-point assessment organisation, regardless of whether you choose to use our on-programme offer or not.

The end-point assessment is made up of two components:

  • Practical demonstration and questions
  • Profession discussion

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Practical demonstration and questions

Apprentices will be observed by an independent assessor completing a practical demonstration consisting of two distinctly separate tasks, in which they will demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours assigned to this method. The tasks are defined as:

  • Install, terminate and test copper cable
  • Install, terminate and test fibre optic cable

At appropriate times during the practical demonstration, apprentices will be asked open questions to assess related underpinning knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Professional discussion

The Network Cable Installer role requires that installations are carried out to the highest technical and quality standards which are detailed through legislation, national/international standards and manufacturers best practice guides. In addition, there is a significant amount of technical knowledge underpinning their practical capabilities and the professional discussion offers the best platform for the apprentice to demonstrate their knowledge through topical discussions.

The professional discussion will be appropriately structured to draw out the best of the apprentice’s competence and excellence and covers the knowledge, skills and behaviours assigned to this assessment method. It will involve questions that will focus on the coverage of prior learning or activity. Apprentices can refer to and illustrate their answers with evidence from a portfolio of evidence, however the portfolio is not directly assessed.

Our range of EPA resources such as EPA specification, additional resources document and practice knowledge test are designed to enhance learners’ knowledge and/or hone essential skills required.

They are available to our customers who have signed up to Pearson EPA and include information on:

  • Structure
  • Grading
  • Gateway requirements
  • Assessment content
  • Evidence requirement for each component

We have designed a step-by-step guide, with signposts to our key supporting information, resources and services available at every stage of the process.

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