LCCI in English language Teachers of Business English (FTBE)

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Our international LCCI First Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE) allows qualified general English teachers to gain a specialist qualification in teaching English for business purposes. Designed to broaden teachers' management skills as well as their understanding of business practice, processes and procedures, it prepares them to teach the growing number of learners who aspire to use English in a professional, business context.
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Please note

LCCI English for Business qualifications will be retired and unavailable for delivery as of 31 December 2021. The last test registration will be accepted on 30 November 2021. For more details on our alternative speaking test and a new Business English test we have developed as a replacement product, please contact your local Pearson office or email

Also retiring as of 31 December 2021 is FTBE: First Certificate for teachers of business English. There is no replacement for this product at this time.



LCCI First Certificate for Teachers of Business English syllabus
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Qualification title:
Pearson LCCI First Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE)
Subject suite:
English Language
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International only
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On demand

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