Pearson Edexcel International GCSE November Series from 2023

We're introducing a regular International GCSE November series, first running in November 2023. This series is being introduced to best meet the needs of students requiring International GCSE exam opportunities outside of the full May/June series and it will replace the existing January series. 

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We know that many of you will still want to offer International GCSE exams between May/June 2022 and May/June 2023 and we will therefore continue to run the January series in 2023. This will be the last January International GCSE series. 

Why are we moving to a November Exam series?  

- Due to the pandemic, circumstances meant that we needed to follow a November International GCSE exam series for the past two years.  

- As the November series seemed to be well received, we consulted schools to understand whether there was a preference for a permanent November exam series or reverting to January.   

- November was the preferred option for most schools - not just for resits, but also for learners studying on a January-December academic year. 

 Key information for schools:  

- To best meet your needs in this series, we are expanding the range of subjects offered compared to the January series. So, we will have 24 subjects available in the November series from 2023.  

- Please note that there will be no November series in 2022, so that schools have sufficient time to transition to the new November series in 2023.  

- To confirm, the January 2023 series will be the final January series available for International GCSE.  

- The new November series will not require R papers. Instead, exams in this series will predominantly be scheduled in the AM slot (GMT) to ensure that centres can run exams at reasonable local times.  

- Your local Pearson contact will be also be happy to answer any further queries you may have and support your school in the transition to using the November International GCSE series.