JCQ have announced further information regarding private candidates. We know you are keen to understand how, in UK and International centres, you start preparing the Centre Assessment Grades and rank order for your private candidates.

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The process

Private candidate arrangements form part of the Ofqual consultation and Ofqual proposes that Centre Assessment Grades submitted by schools and colleges include private candidates, provided the Head of Centre is confident that there is enough evidence of the candidate’s achievement to make an objective judgement.

This means private candidates must be placed in a centre’s rank order, along with other candidates. The same process to generate Centre Assessment Grades and rank orders must apply to all candidates submitted by the centre.

The Head of Centre must have the same level of confidence in the grade/rank order submitted for private candidates as they do for other students at their centre and ensure compliance with the Ofqual information.

You can read the latest Ofqual announcement as they have published initial decisions on GCSE and A level grading proposals for 2020 which includes calculated grades for students in year 10 and below and private candidates. 

Ofqual publishes initial decisions on GCSE and A level grading proposals for 2020

Centres who have met criteria to accept new candidate entries

Further to JCQ’s announcement, we shared information for students that were entered for an examination as a private candidate before 19 March 2020, and had since had confirmation from their original centre that they were unable to provide a Centre Assessment Grade and rank order as part of that centre submission.

It had been made possible for the exam entry to be transferred to a new centre that was able to validate the evidence of the student's level of achievement for the purpose of submitting a centre assessment grade and rank order information so students would not be disadvantaged if they were not awarded a grade in Summer 2020. For example, because it would prevent them from progressing to the next stage of their studies or into employment.

Please note: the deadline for exam entries being transferred to a new centre has now passed.