Learning Centres

LCCI is a portfolio of work-related modular qualifications created to give learners targeted and specialised skills and knowledge needed to enter and thrive in the workplace. Our qualifications have been designed in collaboration with employers and professional bodies to ensure each qualification provides students with necessary industry-related skills.

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LCCI Qualifications are regulated by Ofqual, the regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.

What we offer:

LCCI qualifications are available in the following subject areas, at levels 1 to 4:

  • Financial and quantitative
  • Marketing*
  • Business*

*Please note that all the qualifications in the LCCI Business and Marketing suites will be withdrawn as of April 2022. The last examination entry date will be February 2022.

Why should your centre choose LCCI qualifications?

These qualifications are widely recognised by employers and ministries of education as high quality education with clearly defined job-specific and task-related outcomes, that prepare students for the world of work. Their flexible structure makes LCCI a good choice for learning centres and students alike.

Recognised and supported by professional bodies 

LCCI qualifications from Pearson are designed to allow seamless progression to professional qualifications. They have been developed in conjunction and with input from several professional bodies such as CIM, IDM and ACCA. 

"Employers tend to prefer candidates with LCCI qualifications because they feel that less training will be needed. They view LCCI as a good theoretical and practical base. " Maria Titan, Senior Partner, WorkForce - Cyprus Workforcecyprus.com